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Friday, September 30, 2011

Everton vs. Liverpool. Look what it means...

In T-minus 7 hours and 18 minutes the 216 Merseyside Derby will kick off at Everton's home of Goodison park and I am ecstatic. Airing at 1:30 am for me here on the the island of Oahu, I will make sure to have coffee in hand, pen behind the ear, sitting with my feet propped up. Derby days are the best  and even though this one is known as the so called " friendly derby,"it's one of the best around. For those who don't know why this epic match up of the two Liverpool clubs boasts this moniker, I will tell you. It's called this because many families and households are split in their allegiances, so a father and son could show up to a game one in the blue of Everton, and one in the Red of Liverpool. Don't let the unofficial title throw you the atmosphere is electric, and the game often produces a cracker. The Overall league record shapes up this way  Liverpool have won 70 times, Everton 57 times and Draws 57. 

Liverpool have the edge in terms of history, and after all these decades usually have the edge in terms of quality on the field, but history and form going into a derby match usually goes out the window with the first kick of the ball. Last season Liverpool were defeated in this fixture with Tim Cahill and Mikel Arteta scoring the goals in a 2-0 Everton win, a game which Liverpool were without both Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard in a Derby for the first time in nine years. Taking that into account, the recent injury return of Steven Gerrard leaves me wonder if Dalgleish will start the Captain for experience, or to leave him out from the start, not sure on his fitness. In my mock line up he gets the nod from the start.

Liverpool's Starting XI:

      Kelly   Carragher   Skrtel   Enrique

    Lucas  Adam

      Kuyt          Gerrard     Downing


Everton's Starting XI:


      Drenthe   Fellaini   Rodwell  Coleman

      Baines   Distin  Jagielka  Heitinga


The key for Everton is shutting down the dynamic Suarez, to do which would stem the primary goal threat. With the return of Steive G I render myself tantalized at then prospect of the influential captain linking up with Suarez- a prospect we have yet to really see. His slide balls will put the Uruguayan behind any defense like a stealth jet through a no flyzone. Dalgleish will go for movement so having Suarez uptop alone with out Carroll should pose a problem for the Everton back line, as the Red's attack seems to create more when Carroll is not on the field.

This addition of the Merseyside Derby should prove to be another classic and I predict a 3-1 score line in favor of Liverpool. I am one to go against my team, If I feel they will lose but not this time for  a win is surly in the near future.

Stars and Strikes, United go Bowling

Good wholesome fun in Stars and Strikes, where Man U Starlets Ashley Young, Patrice Evra, Berbs and Weber? play a few games of ten-pin. Thought Weber was Raphael for a moment... Oops.

Fabregas signs for PUMA

I have heard some rumblings of this nature around various news sources, but having just watched his 'home movie' about it I will conclude it to be true. You can never quite tell when it comes to Fabregas  as he has worn clothes that he hasen't meant to, Aka Spanish International teammates putting a Barcelona Jersey on him after their World Cup success, or the fact he continued to suit up in an Arsenal jersey after he expressed a desire to leave, which is more than Carlos Tevez could say. Any-who Fabregas has signed for Puma and he meant to. 

The Spanish International becomes the third big name signing for the German Boot co. this summer having adding Sergio" Kun" Aguero, and Radamel Falcao to their ranks. Fabregas will wear Puma's New PowerCat 1.12, and admits that he is excited to rock them in this weekends match against Sporting Gijon. Being a long time Nike wearer the decision to join Puma confuses me especially because Barcelona's sponsor is Nike, but I guess times change and money talks.

I was always unsure with Puma's stance in world football, seeming to be the ugly cousin of Nike, Adidas and even the likes of Umbro, but these moves show more than intent to re-etablish their brand as a world footballing boot power.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

FYVP: Dexter Season 6 Premiere

One of the most Epic Shows in recent history returns in 3 days, this sunday the new season of Showtimes Dexter will cut you deep as the blood splatter analyst/ serial killer will enter living rooms across the U.S.

I cannot wait...
Have a little taste.

Poppa's Pick: This Boot Is Smarter Than You!

Check out the hover light, reminiscent of those godawful machines in Fast and Furious

Adidas has unveiled its new " SmartBoot,"  the New f50 adizero powered by miCoach. What's miCoach? It's a brain aka: a chip, housed in its insole, that allows players to check max speed, acceleration, 360 degree movement and sprints. This boot can tell you whether or not your puttin in a shift. Now players across the globe have a valiant claim when they blame their play on there boot, and when your touch is off all that is required is " Coach, my boots malfunctioning!"

Attack of the Green Laser pens....Champions League action

"Set lasers to stun boys!"

If you watched the Champions League clashes of Chelsea vs. Valencia and Dortmund vs. Marseille you would noticed a sickly green feature on the various players faces and bodies. This is not due to bad fish served at the team hotel, but childish troublemakers shining laser pens into the eyes of the players in both of the games. Having played with them myself I know how far they shine/ how painful they are if pointed into your eyes for a duration upward of 1.5 seconds. Now I don't think Dortmund's keeper Weidenfeller could blame letting Andre Ayew's goal on temporary blindness, but in the case of Solomon Kalou's groping of the ball in box, I would recommend the adverse. I might get some stick from the secret laser society  for not praising their organization, popping up in two different games across Europe. A successful achievement in the plot to annoy the piss out of players, refs and fans alike, the shenanigans  caused by laser wielding hooligans led to plenty of commentary from the match reporters, so I guess mission accomplished.  

Speaking of shenanigans: the players who participated got into the most for this round of CL action were Edison Cavani for his unparalleled forward play, notching the penalty in their match against a brittle Villarreal, and Super Mario Gomez, popping up with two pure poacher goals in the drubbing of a out of sorts Man City. Alexander Frei wasn't to shabby grabbing a brace against Man United, and Ramirez finally looks to be settling into Chelsea's midfield, showing blistering pace allowing him to catch up with his poor first touch. Honorable mentions go to Andre Ayew of Marseille, Marek Hamsik of Napoli, Frank Ribery, and Valencia's goalkeeper Diego Alves who came up with a myriad of peachy  saves defying Chelsea from taking the away win.

Team flops of this round had to be Manchester City, who as a team failed to make any impact whatsoever outside of the first five minutes. Neuer was working on his tan while Joe Hart was going bald over the slack marking that led to both goals. Mario Gomez is as in form as nature allows right now, and he came up with a masterclass in a positional sense, it's got to be that hair! The team looked like one tht has never layed in a European competition- yet the majority of the team has vast experience  playing for other teams that have. That set the adhesive that holds their team of individuals together suffered in the humidity, peeling away to expose the weak foundation that the squad is build on. They just plain and simply looked awful.

The second flop of the week Is actually a two parter, but both team wear yellow. The sub(par)marine yellow of Villarreal and the Gelb(yellow) of Dortmund. Villarreal I thought might be a surprise package in the so called group of death which includes Napoli, Munich and City, yet judging on results so far I'd reckon their hyde will be scared by whips come advancement time. They looked terrible going forward, with Nilmar lacking confidence and touch he made Nil impact on proceedings, whilst Giuseppe Rossi like the little engine that could, chugged his way to relevance, but couldn't break the deadbolt of Inler and Cannavaro. 
Dortmund played 10 times better than they did against Arsenal a fortnight ago, and all they got was a 3-0 defeat. Goetze looked lively yet he was left to forage for himself. Hummels and Subotic made some uncharacteristic mistakes in the back with a slip from Subotic leading the Marseilles first goal, and a poor back header from Hummels granting Remy the chance to run, chest and volley past Wiedenfeller in goal for the second. Like Man City, Dortmund look a team a bit overwhelmed by the task of vying in the Champions League. 

For a full summery of results and scorers hit the link. The Link 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Liver n'Onions: Curse Of The #9 Shirt

What seems to be the trouble with the number 9 shirt at Liverpool… A hex bestowed upon it since the  departure of Fernando Torres perhaps? This edition of Liver n' Onions will tickle the superstition inside of you, with the current occupant of Andy Carroll seeming to be following suit, in the suit vacated by Torres.
The fanfare of Torres' arrival on Merseyside was and uproar that was thoroughly justified in the performances executed by the great Spaniard, notching goals like they were going out of style. In his first few seasons for the Reds he warranted mention in the conversation of best current players. Since the 2008-09 season in which he was shortlisted for the FIFA world player of the year, arriving in third behind only Ronaldo and Messi, he has faltered. A lot of his later failings at Liverpool were due to having constant issues with fitness. Under Roy Hodgson the struggling striker seemed to be on his  last straw, fed up with himself and his teams performances. This was the catalyst  to his 50 million pound sale to Chelsea, in which he failed to run away from his problems. The mojo had left him, and he was floundering to make an impact until recently,  showing promise in Chelsea's last couple matches looking to have re-gained his sharpness of yesteryears. This is more than could be said of Liverpool's new number 9, who's still wallowing in the mire. The comparisons between Andy Carroll and Torres are apparent to see, goin beyond their hefty price tags and their roles in the Liverpool squad, it's that they are both lacking form.  
Andy Carroll has made six appearances for Liverpool this season, has scored zero goals, and hasn't looked fit, starting most games from the bench. Carroll did start  this weekend in their 2- 1 win over Wolves, and actually looked capable of  causing perspiration on the brow of Goalkeeper Hennessey. Showing glimpses of why he was bought for 35 million at the weekend suggests a possible turn of form, similar to the situation that Torres is experiencing.  Carroll was bought to replace Torres at Liverpool and add depth to a thin frontline, but all the Scousers have received as of yet is another frustrated and out of form number 9. Like Torres, Carroll needs the boost of goals and the confidence they bring. Carroll is known to have a rather fruit-full off-the field life which has been the suggested cause of his non success so far, but perhaps it's the shirt. With all the greats who have worn the Liverpool number 9, Robbie Fowler and Ian Rush to name a couple it couldn't be could it? Until Carroll turns up at Anfield, myself and fans alike will have to watch another great player struggle in the shirt that should optimizes goals.  

Alex Morgan, Hope Solo And Miami Dolphins Mascot In: ESPN Fish Out Of Water

I remain continuously impressed with the comedic qualities of ESPNs commercials on all fronts,  but especially featuring the lovely ladies of the Women's National Team. I have found it sensational that both Alex Morgan and Hope Solo have been punting the women's game and soccer in general via various media outlets. The Women's National Team  marketing prowess seems to blow the MLS's out of the water, which in all truth seems to be non existent. I would like to pose this question. Is the fact that the Women are participation in these marketing schemes sending a desperate message to the American audience, as if to say, " come watch are game, we are entertaining and fun as well!" I  might be over analyzing  but I wonder if the MLS views this as sortof low and doesn't feel that participating in such acts necessary. Soccer  on a whole needs to be sold in the US and in terms of marketability the MLS is equal to the women's game, but fails to dip into that promise. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

" Great Scot!" Kenny Hassan says goodbye to WFD

 It was a bittersweet start to my friday, as I awoke to the announcement that Kenny Hassan, host of World Football Daily will be leaving the show after years at the helm. I have been dazzled by his analytic breakdowns and comedic commentary ever since I found the show, integrating its elements into my own life. Being a subscriber to WFD feels like being apart of a exclusive club and the family of producers and guests they have had on the show are all near an dear to my heart. 

I started listening before It was a subscriber based show, and upon learning that he platform was changing I am ashamed to say I questioned the worth, which on reviewing must have been down to shock. Low and behold I took the leap and subscribed, and haven't looked back since.  When host Steven left last year, I once again questioned how it would work without the banter between the him and the "Great Scot," but with the addition of Robert and Sophie to the show has taken the ruckus to the next level. Robert and Sophie will be taking over the creative vision of the show now that the announcement of Kenny's departure has arrived, a prospect that leaves me waiting in anticipation. This change has come a bit out of left field but I will embrace the seemingly ever-evolving show just as I always have. 

I want to thanks Kenny for all the good listening and material that has helped me advance my footballing knowledge, and want to wish him the best in his further exploits.

Thanks Kenny

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Poppa's Pick: Pele Radium Futsal Boot

The name refers to the 5v5 team that The Great played for called the Radium. The boot has been released in three different colors which you can be drooled over @ This is the one I want, with its minimalist style and jet black, sleek full-grain leather.

A Little Carling Cup Action

Last night Liverpool faced Championship side Brighton, where the re-emergance of Capt. Stevie G was the crowing moment in their 2-1 win. Gulf of class aside, Brighton put in a good showing creating a flurry of chances in the second half, forcing the Reds onto the back foot. A goal from Craig Bellamy in the first half gave the Reds a slender lead that looked threatened by the likes of Buckley and Craig Noone. Liverpool hit the bar 3 times, the most notably was Bellamy's 35 yarder that moved more than a Uhaul  truck. Brighton looked dangerous, maybe chalking some of it down to Liverpool plateauing abit, but chances where created and until Kuyt sured up the lead, I was worried. Gerrard came on with a bout 25 minutes to go, getting right into the thick of it, arguing with the ref with the dodgy haircut within seconds. He should start against Wolves at the weekend, bumping Charlie Adam to the bench. Liverpool weren't the only club to bring a high profile player off the bench, as Brighton capped new signing, and former Spanish International Vicente. 

Following up on debuts and re-introductions Owen Hargreaves made his debut appearance for Man City against cup holders Birmingham, scoring a cracking goal- that hopefully is the starting point of his recreation process.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Rules Of Rugby, For The Simple Man

I know this isn't necessarily football related, but the game of Rugby does share quite a few similar qualities with the beautiful game. Observing the fact that the Rugby World Cup is currently being held in New Zealand, I figured it pertinent that the masses get educated on some of the games features. It also begs the question...Is their women's rugby?

but on second thought...I doubt many would look like this, so I'd rather not find out.

Poppa's Pick: 12/67. 3 Eye chukka. From SeaVees.

The New 12/67. 3 Eye chukka from the Southern California shoe company SeaVees kicks of their 2011 Autumn line, with a causual yet preppy feel. This classically modern chukka boasts textured full grain leather nourished with wakes or pull up leather infused with oils. it's a studious collegiate from Massachusetts who spends his summer back home in LA, writing his novel pool side. 

The ethos of SeaVees is Cool, Clean and Creative, encapsulation the essence of California circa 1960, Seavees is authentic California.

Check out their collection @ or hit the link above for the chukka.

Dig Nike Boots.

Have really been diggin Nike's new boot line  fixin on getting me a pair of them sharpish. To see some sick pics of the T90, look back at the posting from last week with Rooney re-creating his triumphant Lance Armstrong against Man City.

Hitting the link above you will be transported into the boot haven know as Pro-Direct Soccer, where you can find anything that kicks. Treat yourself to some candy, I know you want some.

Liver n'Onions: Are we as good as we think?

Liverpool's performance against Tottenham at the weekend was just about as rank as a bag of month old Onions left out in the sun to rot. Under the cosh from the first moments, Liverpool where out played by a team that has been the living embodiment of mediocrity in recent times. In a game where the Reds saw red twice with the sending off of Charlie Adam and Martin Skrtel, who both looked out of depth, out of touch and out of position. I will cut  Skrtel some slack for his dismal performance as he was filling in as an emergency right back due to the injures of Martin Kelly Glen Johnson. The tackle that lead to his sending odd was shambolic and rash, expected from a young player like Coates-who made his debut, but not Skrtel, a experienced defender and should show more maturity in his decision making, earning  Andy Grey's  " Rocks for brains." This was the second  in the double action personnel loss  sustained, after Charlie Adam  headed to the showers early, after picking up his second yellow. Liverpool couldn't start the attacking engines falling behind to a wonder strike from Luka Modric. Not long after the opening goal I had a realization that shook me to my core. Looking at the teams that lined up next to each other, I had to ask myself " Is Liverpool's first team any better than Tottenham's?  It should be better!  But upon examination i have dug up some dirt that you could grow unicorns on. Let me explain the procedures of this examination.  I am strictly looking at the players potential, talent, and how they are viewed in a modern footballing sense. The line-ups on sunday where:

Tottenham starting lineup: (4-4-2)
Friedal, Walker, Kaboul, King, Assou- Ekotto, Kranjcar, Parker, Modric, Bale, Defoe, Adebayor

Liverpool's starting lineup: (4-4-2)
Reina, Skrtel, Carragher, Agger, Enrique, Henderson, Adam, Lucas, Downing, Carroll, Suarez

Friedal v. Reina:
Both are fantastic keepers who have been around the Premier League for a long long time. In terms of notoriety, Reina is regarded as a more of a star, as a sure fire stater for almost any national teams, that don't have Iker Casillas in their national pool.  Both are regarded as two of the more consistent keepers in England. So I will call it pretty much a wash between the two keepers with Reina taking the slight edge of the American.
Better player: Reina

Kyle Walker v. Martin Skrtel:
Taking into the account that Skrtel was forced to play out of position, he had a miserable game with Tottenham pinpointing his side as the entry point in behind. Kyle Walker is a promising English youngster who had a successful loan at Aston Villa only to be called back to N. London and given  Corluka to vie with for first team football. Looking at the two is comparing a horse and a donkey, with Skrtel playing out of the position so I won't go further in depth.
Better player: Walker

Younes Kaboul v. Jamie Carragher:
The age old stalwart of  Merseyside it seems is reaching his final swan song, looking sloppy and slow. Ok its not that bad yet, but the wonderful servant to Liverpool is a fantastic center back that most teams would like on their books. A few years ago I would take him over Kaboul anyday, and I probably still would, but the gulf of class between Carragher and the Frenchman is not so wide.
Better player: Carragher

Ledley King v. Daniel Agger:
Both very injury prone players who when fit are great assets, but If your lucky enough to have them lacing up their boots in successive games you should be counting your chickens. Agger and King are quite different players excluding the knack for picking up injures, Agger is a fiery, aggressive player who often talks himself into trouble, even the way he looks, the foehawk  and the tat's completes the facade. King is the opposite. Calm, composed, and clinical in the back, playing it safe and as I said when fit is a force to be reckoned with.
Better player: King

Benoit Assou- Ekotto v. Jose Enrique:
Enrique has started his Liverpool career liked we all hoped. I see him settling even more as the Reds get on a role and stop hitting speed bumps in the shape of Stoke City. He has linked well with Downing on the left, but I would like to see more adventure in his runs, overlapping and swinging 'em in. Now that Capdevilla is the wrong side of 30, expect to see Enrique as a regular in Spain's left-back spot.  Hearing  chatter from many outlets it seems that  Assou-Ekotto has been pinned at the the weak point in Spurs defense, I don't really see it. Bedsides his poor balls out, he looks decent to me. for my team I am going with Enrique hands down lads
Better player: Enrique

Scott Parker v. Lucas Leiva:
Scotty Parker is the embodiment of industry, voted Sports writers players of the year last season, shows a great bit of business by Spurs. Hard working, spirited, continually doing the simple things well.  Lucas the Brazilian forced many Liverpool fans to the bottle, watching him give away balls and perform miserably for his first couple years at Anfield. I wished someone would bind his hands, blind fold him and drop him off at David Moyes door step. Since then he has come on leaps and bounds, surgical in his short range passing, tracks players well and works his socks off.  I love the player now and has a few youthful years on Scotty Parker. This is cannon fodder as I'am  taking Scotty Parker for his hunger is second to none.
Better player: Parker

Luka Modric v. Charlie Adam: 
The turmoil surrounding the transfer that did not come, certainly did nothing to slow down the creative Croatian as he undid the Reds with an outrageous strike. For me the gulf in class is enormous between Luka Modric and Charlie Adam. In the start of the season Liverpool had Adam, Meireles, Gerrard, Aquilani, Lucas and Henderson on the roster. Out of those 5 arguably the better 2 left, leaving us with Adam as our creative midfielder.  When Captain Gerrard returns to the side, I expect/ hope Adam gets dropped to the bench, as I remain bewildered  over his contribution other from his set-piece and corner expertise. Modric is more dynamic going forward, dosen't seem to make rash challenges, especially on a yellow. Both players are good with a pass, but when you sign Modric you get a more complete player.
Better player: Modric

Bale v. Downing:
This comparison is  consistency vs. streakiness, with Gather Bale being as streaky as they come. He had one half of a fantastic season but before that there was a stretch of I believe 28 games that when ever he started, Spurs lost. The jet propelled Welsh man can out run  seemingly anyone, and has it in his locker to turn a defender like Maicon in to minced meat. The problem with Bale is  he doesn't do it enough. Downing on the other hand  has been a consistent performer for years now, climbing up the footballing latter, from Middlesborough to Villa, to the National team, to Liverpool. You can bet your house on the fact that every game he will swing in a good cross, beat a few players and get to the by-line more times than you could fathom. Bale can dazzle with the spectacular(refer to the San Siro last year),  but Downing is the tortoise I this situation I dare not to pick the hare.
Better player: Downing

Kranjcar v. Henderson: 
Kranjcar is a real tactile player, who creates going forward with silky passing and creative vision, but is lacking in confidence. Henderson acquired a massive fee this summer for his promise and has performed decently for Liverpool so far but he will grow. He can operate in the center, or on the wing where Dalgleish has deployed him. He's a rudimentary player, doing the simple things well, and is composed for his youth.  I think in terms of footballing experience and skill at the moment Kranjcar pips Henderson, but I say this with a condition that  come a couple years Henderson will far surpass him.

Defoe vs. Suarez:
Suarez hands down, no contest. More dynamic, hungrier, more skillful and harder working. Both players are quick, diminutive and natural goal scorers. Suarez takes this one although he failed to break the Spurs defensive shackles this weekend.
Better player: Suarez

Adebayor v. Carroll:
For the life of me I cannot even remember what Carroll did in the game, besides being involved in the he disallowed goal, he was pretty anonymous in link up play. Carroll earned about half of his ridiculous transfer price tag at Newcastle, but since moving to Liverpool has struggled for fitness. The man is actually a boy, in age and how he acts, shows tremendous promise but has yet to show it. Looking at the teams Adebayor has played for over the years says it all, Arsenal, Manchester City, Real Madrid and Tottenham. He is clinical when on song,tricky scoring on his home debut on the weekend with a cheeky chip over Reina. Both have baggage, controversy, and are much maligned by fans alike. In terms of doing it…Its gotta be Adebayor
Better player: Adebayor

Judging Tottenham so far this season is somewhat unfair to the Spurs as they have faced a flying Man City side, and an even higher soaring United. With much being made over the lack of spending done by Arry this summer, looking at the starting lineup that faced Liverpool at the weekend speaks volumes of the squad they have, clearly seen in comparison to Liverpool who spent massively. I have to ask myself…are the Reds are any better than Spurs. This is a slightly worrisome realization that the fight to get back into Champions League contention will be tougher than expected.

Bayern Munich celebrates Octoberfest and the fact that they're steamrolling their opposition

Bayern Munich observing Oktoberfest, which is good fun having been their myself. I have troubles remembering the festivities, but It will be hard to forget how well Bayern has started the season.
After their 2-0 win against Schalke, the Bavarian Boys have earned their steins! Looking at the Bundesliga this season I am struggling to find a squad that will pose a significant challenge for the title. Dortmund has looked decent at best since the start, and I don't see them being the runners-up either. The result against Schalke has marked their 5th consecutive clean sheet and just adds fuel to the fact that Manuel Neuer is a closet brick wall.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kasabian New Album Release Sept 20

'Velociraptor' is the newest album from the British giants Kasabian, the first since the famed West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum released in 2009. One of England's biggest bands have carved out a sound for themselves that stands alone against the masses, with  blunt british lead , backed up by the high winey vocals,  of guitarist Sergio Pizzorno, electronic undertones and garage licks.  A sound that goes hand in hand with football, and a sound that is dear to my heart. The Album is released Monday, and available for pre-order on sites like Amazon and  itunes. Judging by the sample tracks they have released as appetizers I can tell it's gonna be a cracker,

Check out the official video of ' Days Are Forgotten"

 The new demo trailer for FIFA 12 on the Playstation, features song 'Switchblade Smiles' from their new album.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Arctic Monkeys release new signal ' Suck It And See,' from recent album

Lubricate your Ear Drums:

Arctic Monkeys have just announced  'Suck It and See' as the new single from their latest album titled the same. The 'Suck It and See'  signal will be released on Monday 31st October, available on 7" and MP3 Digital Download including brand new song 'Evil Twin'. The videos ethos is " What If a Rock n'Roller was lost, and never could find is way back." Interesting prospect, yet I remain more interested in the new song. I can only hope it springs from the latest albums mediocrity to impress.

The Arctic Monkeys will be gracing the west coast of the US on 24th of Sept in San Diego @ The Open Air Theatre, and Sun the 25th @ the hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. 

Real Madrid's European (3rd) Kit

Knowing that I was turning on the T.V. to watch the Champions League game between Real Madrid and Dinamo Zagreb, It still took me about 5 minutes into the match to acknowledge that I was watching Real Madrid. This is because of the sole reason that they were wearing a bright red kit, which is their new 2011/12 third kit. This kit includes the CL star-ball patch in recognition of their 9 European titles, located  on the left sleeve. Having defeat Zagreb this week, the Los Blancos will face Olympique  Lyon, and Ajax in group play. A bit dodgy in my opinion, as I find their 3rd kit should always be blue.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

FYVP: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 7

The Gang is back, and this time it's personal. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 7 kicks off tonight Thursday Sept. 15,  @ 10 pm ET, boasting more ruckus, racial profiling and comedic brilliance than ever before. The most striking difference in this coming season is the introduction of " Fat Mac," gaining over 50 pounds to create the illusion of a deteriorating being. In an interview with MovieWeb,  Rob McElhenney whos plays Mac, discussed the reason for the new found mass...

One of the big things this season we can expect is, you putting on a lot of weight and getting fat. Could you tell us more about that? You actually put on what, 50 pounds I think it is?

Rob McElhenney: Yes. A little over 50 pounds. I think the final count is like 52 or something-53.

Where was the reasoning behind this? Were you guys just like, 'Oh, we think it'd be funny is Mac got fat?' What did you guys think about that?

Rob McElhenney: No. Ultimately, what happened was, it was in between seasons last year; six into seven. And, I was watching a popular sitcom, and I noticed that the actors were getting better looking as the years were going by, and I started to think about any show that I have ever seen in which that wasn't the case.

I feel like shows in their sixth, seventh, and eighth season, the actors have a lot more money, they become a little bit more famous, and they have better access to better wardrobe, new hair, new teeth, sometimes plastic surgery. And, I thought how untrue of life that was, that especially characters like this who abuse themselves in so many different ways, would start to look-would start to deteriorate over time and certainly wouldn't look better. And, our goal has always been to try and do what's not being done on television, and literally deconstructing the sitcom. So, where most sitcoms try to make the characters as lovable and likable, and as far I'm concerned, as fake as possible, we try to go the opposite, which is to make them as deplorable as possible, just to see if we can get away with it. And, it seems like the audience responds to that.

So, for me, it wasn't just about getting overweight, it was about trying to look as unattractive as I possibly could. So, it was as if, what would happen if the character would completely just let himself go and his age caught up to him? So, I grew a disgusting beard, I didn't wash my hair, and I was 50 pounds overweight, and yet the character still thought he looked good. That to me was funny. Simply getting overweight, that would be just a stunt, and that wasn't very funny to me.

Sergio "Kun" Aguero signs deal with Puma

If you are a nerd like me, you would have noticed Sergio Aguero sporting some shiny new- lizard green cleats in yesterdays Champions League clash with Napoli. An odd sight compared to his normal jet black colored choice of footwear, tickled my interest as to why the sudden change. Aguero has signed a new long-term deal with Puma to which the German company has stated: 

We’re pleased to announce that Sergio ‘Kun’ Ag├╝ero, the South American goal machine has made his second big move of the season, signing a long-term deal with PUMA! The Argentinean international will wear our Speed line of boots, beginning this evening with the v1.11 as Manchester City take on SSC Napoli in their historic first UEFA Champions League game. Trotting out in their signature signature v1.11 boots Aguero put in a fine showing, catching the eye of myself, which is not to hard to do when wearing high-ligter green kicks

"Daddy Wants"-New Nike T90 Laser IV: The Perfect Strike

Rooney's New Digs....I want!

A Brief Champions League Review.

I have to toot my own horn a little as we end the first 2 days of the Champions League group stage, by saying that my " good"game selecting qualities were quite successful, recommending people to follow one vs. others. After consuming seven games in the last two days, my eyes have uncrossed allowing me now to report on the action, action that left me shaking starting with Pato's 25 second goal to Kolarov's free-kick. 

The best games on display this week were Napoli v. Manchester City, Lille v. CSKA Moscow, Barcelona v.  AC Milan and Chelsea v. Leverkusen.

Champions League Game of the day 9/14

Napoli and Man City's rendezvous resulted in a fantastic battle, both sides trying to get a foothold in the so-called group of death. This spectacle served as an advert for counter attacking football, with Napoli's striking dynamo Edison Cavani, putting it through Joe Harts wickets for the first goal. after a sweeping move started by Napoli defender Christian Maggio. Maggio had a really good game in defense and attack, starting the break that let to the goal with a burst from the back.  Man City controlled most of the possession and their equalizer came in the form a free kick that Kolarov curled in with fantastic style. 1-1 was a good result for both teams being somewhat virgins to the competition, setting up Villarreal as the whipping boy's in a tough group that includes Bayern Munich. Bayern's match with Villarreal was a game that sank the Yellow Submarine without much retaliation. Looking toothless in attack, Giuseppe Rossi looked like he was Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart -in his clubs' attack, linking poorly with Nilmar, and Cani. The defense of Carlos Marchena and the midfield were unable to cope with the German clubs pace-ier player's, though news signing Cristian Zapata had a great game. Bayern had their way 2-0.

The free scoring match between Lille and CSKA, was one I had a gut feeling about. One of those games you look at, knowing full well it's not the glamorous of glamour ties, yet salivating over the prospect. 2-2  in a attack heavy game, proved me right justifying my lack of sleep for the up coming day.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Champions League Group Stage, Day 2

Dinamo ZagrebDinamo Zagreb  v. Real MadridReal Madrid

AjaxAjax     v.       LyonLyon                                

BaselBasel   v.    Otelul GalatiOtelul Galati

Inter MilanInter Milan   v. TrabzonsporTrabzonspor

VillarealVillareal  v. Bayern MunichBayern Munich               SpotKicks Pick To Watch

Manchester CityManchester City  v. NapoliNapoli               SpotKicks Pick To Watch

LilleLille   v. CSKA MoscowCSKA Moscow                     SpotKicks Pick To Watch

BenficaBenfica   v. Manchester UnitedManchester United

In about one half of an hour the second day of Champions league play will commence providing  World audiences with a few potentially cracking matches. Manchester City will take on Napoli, which for my money will be the best of the bunch with the likes of Cavani, and Lavezzi providing a possible banana skin for the sky blues.

Manchester City:
Hart,Richards, Kompany, Lescott, Clichy ,Yaya Toure, Barry,Nasri, Silva, Milner, Aguero
De Sanctis, Campagnaro, Cannavaro, Aronica,Maggio, Inler, Dzemaili, Dossena ,Hamsik,Cavani, Lavezzi
Keep your eye on the attacking spectacle of CSKA Moscow vs. Lille, with Eden Hazard keen as any to make an impact in his first CL appearance.
Landreau, Debuchy, Basa, Rozenhal, Beria, Mavuba, Balmont, Pedretti, Obraniak, Hazard, Sow, With Joe Cole starting on the Bench.
Leave it to the Russians to make it impossible to find CSKA starting line-up for todays match, but I can tell you to look out for one Keisuke Honda,. with his blonde hair and attacking flair he should play a big part in this game.