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Monday, September 26, 2011

Alex Morgan, Hope Solo And Miami Dolphins Mascot In: ESPN Fish Out Of Water

I remain continuously impressed with the comedic qualities of ESPNs commercials on all fronts,  but especially featuring the lovely ladies of the Women's National Team. I have found it sensational that both Alex Morgan and Hope Solo have been punting the women's game and soccer in general via various media outlets. The Women's National Team  marketing prowess seems to blow the MLS's out of the water, which in all truth seems to be non existent. I would like to pose this question. Is the fact that the Women are participation in these marketing schemes sending a desperate message to the American audience, as if to say, " come watch are game, we are entertaining and fun as well!" I  might be over analyzing  but I wonder if the MLS views this as sortof low and doesn't feel that participating in such acts necessary. Soccer  on a whole needs to be sold in the US and in terms of marketability the MLS is equal to the women's game, but fails to dip into that promise. 

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