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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Brief Champions League Review.

I have to toot my own horn a little as we end the first 2 days of the Champions League group stage, by saying that my " good"game selecting qualities were quite successful, recommending people to follow one vs. others. After consuming seven games in the last two days, my eyes have uncrossed allowing me now to report on the action, action that left me shaking starting with Pato's 25 second goal to Kolarov's free-kick. 

The best games on display this week were Napoli v. Manchester City, Lille v. CSKA Moscow, Barcelona v.  AC Milan and Chelsea v. Leverkusen.

Champions League Game of the day 9/14

Napoli and Man City's rendezvous resulted in a fantastic battle, both sides trying to get a foothold in the so-called group of death. This spectacle served as an advert for counter attacking football, with Napoli's striking dynamo Edison Cavani, putting it through Joe Harts wickets for the first goal. after a sweeping move started by Napoli defender Christian Maggio. Maggio had a really good game in defense and attack, starting the break that let to the goal with a burst from the back.  Man City controlled most of the possession and their equalizer came in the form a free kick that Kolarov curled in with fantastic style. 1-1 was a good result for both teams being somewhat virgins to the competition, setting up Villarreal as the whipping boy's in a tough group that includes Bayern Munich. Bayern's match with Villarreal was a game that sank the Yellow Submarine without much retaliation. Looking toothless in attack, Giuseppe Rossi looked like he was Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart -in his clubs' attack, linking poorly with Nilmar, and Cani. The defense of Carlos Marchena and the midfield were unable to cope with the German clubs pace-ier player's, though news signing Cristian Zapata had a great game. Bayern had their way 2-0.

The free scoring match between Lille and CSKA, was one I had a gut feeling about. One of those games you look at, knowing full well it's not the glamorous of glamour ties, yet salivating over the prospect. 2-2  in a attack heavy game, proved me right justifying my lack of sleep for the up coming day.

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