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Monday, October 31, 2011

NY Redbulls vs. LA Galaxy MLS Playoff ends badly.

As you can see there was some sour grapes to the end of the match that finished 1-0 in the LA Galaxy's favor. When the final whistle sounded, Rafa Marquez of the Redbulls picked up the ball and chucked it strait at Landon Donovan, sparking a bench clearing skirmish. 

Mike Magee's 15th minute goal was the deciding moment in the game giving the Galaxy the leg-up in the two game series. Marques along with the Galaxy's Juninho were shown red for their part in the coming together.

Thierry Henry, Landon Donovan and David Beckham give their views on the events that 

happened after the game.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Robert Burns says "Adios," to World Football Daily

On World Football Daily the tease of a "Big Announcement," due to be released has left listeners wondering the past week, but as of today it has all been cleared up. Robert Burns aka "the King of Twitter," will be leaving the host position at WFD. When Kenny Hassan left a couple months prior it came as a shock to many listers, but since then I have adapted to the pair of Sofie and Robert in the shared host position and grown to love their styles. I feel as thought I barely got to know Robert as he announces his last show will be Monday, and though saddened by his decision to leave after such a short time at the helm, I am comforted by the fact that frequent co-host Martin Rogers from Yahoo Sports, will be taking over in Roberts stead. Martin brings a wealth of knowledge coupled with experience having written for such publications as London's Daily Mirror.

News of Roberts resignation comes as a slight shock, but the show is not being left short- handed. The partnership of Martin and Sophie is one to evoke excitement and I'm looking forward for things to come in the ever growing/changing/evolving radio show that I love.

Greatest Video Ever = Beastie Boys- Make Some Noise

I stumbled on the ' Make Some Noise' music video off the  Beastie Boys new album Hot Sauce Committee, Pt. 2, and all I can say is that it's possibly one of the dope-ist things I have ever laid eyes on. 

Coming to you in true Beastie Boy fashion, this 5 minute video boasts a star studded cast including  Elijah Wood, Danny McBride and Seth Rogen as younger versions of Mike D, AD Rock and MCA. Cameos include some of the best  TV and movie actors, including Will Arnett, Orlando Bloom, Steve Buscemi, David Cross, Kirsten Dunst, Will Ferrell, Rashida Jones, Amy Poehler, Jason Schwartzman, ChloĆ« Sevigny, Mary Steenburgen and Rainn Wilson. And yes, that's Susan Sarandon. My personal favorite Ted Danson also appears not just in this video but gets a mention in the song.

After doing their thing for so long the Brooklyn natives are getting the props and at the moment have undoubtedly the hottest contact list in the Biz. Not having to fight too hard for their right to party at the moment.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Arctic Monkeys - Evil Twin (Video)

The Arctic Monkeys are proud to present their exclusive video for Evil Twin, which will be the B-side  on the 'Suck it and See' single, release October 31st on 7' vinyl and Mp3 download. Pre order it here.

My Response to Fox and Telemundo Winning U.S. Rights to 2018 and 2022 World Cups

This is a bit belated but with friends of mine coming to me asking how happy that I'm that the broadcasting juggernaut Fox has bought the rights to the upcoming World Cups I felt I must address it. Feeling like a cynic I express my disappointment to them and I, not being a political man or interested much in the financials of the game I address my displeasure form a fan's standpoint.

A little background for those who don't know last week $1 billion was payed by Fox and the Spanish-language network Telemundo for the rights to broadcast the 2018 and 2022 World Cups in the United States, television executives said last Friday, that " this 'win' is a demonstration of the steady and diverse growth of soccer in America." It's clear that the game is growing in this country, but  Fox's acquisition of t.v. right's is not nessisary to maintain this upward movement. On production alone, compared to ESPN, Fox's is, if I may rubbish. Having sat through years of English Premier League games shown on Fox Soccer Channel (FSC), In their so-called  HD, I know what crap quality looks like. Further more you cannot kick off a game with 2 minutes of the first half already elapsed, it's un- canny that stuff like this has been allowed to stand. But money talks and that's why they have won the rights. ESPN's production the the World Cup in South Africa was fantastic, showing each and every game on ESPN, and ESPN2. Purchasing or already pre-owning pay for viewing channels were not necessary to view the entire tournament. Along with this was the top drawer production value. The spectacle has to be great to dazzle the masses, fans and individuals just viewing the games for the monumental occasion of the World Cup, all want to see a well produced product. This is what captures audiences, and what  makes it easier for people to like the game.

A similar coup occurred not to long ago  when ESPN lost the television rights to the Champions League. Fox maybe taken as joke by ESPN, beat them  the previous holders to the punch in securing the rights to televise. Plain and simply put, the production value decreased significantly. Along with the apparent disregard for quality, one of Fox's primary channels for showing soccer is Fox Soccer Channel (FSC),  a channel that's not free. In fact my cable provider Comcast requires I purchase an entire sports package to even view this one channel. For a huge fan of the game I had to do it, even of it's against my principals. The casual watcher, I gather will most likely not shell out the cash for these sorts of channels, making viewing the game even more of a rare and illusive prospect. If we are to take anything from this, looking forward to Fox's broadcast of the 2018, 2022 World Cups, I would surmise to say that casual fan's wanting to watch the World Cup, won't pay for a channel in order to see a one month competition. FSC's stance in Fox's networks is self explanatory...It's the flagship channel for broadcasting the beautiful game.  Come 2018 a large majority of the games will be televised on that channel, forcing American soccer fans to purchase FSC in order to watch the games. This is off putting to say the least, and in terms of "growing the game in this country," doing nothing but hindering it. 

ESPN puts out an un-paralleled product in terms of video quality, pre game, commentary and things of that sort. So in that light with Fox winning the rights I remain skeptical about the product they will put out on display. Also ESPN has a vast amount of free channels to watch the game as well as ESPN and ESPN 2, where each and every game was shown in 2010, not requiring any un-necissary purchasing of channels. 

With this HUGE injection of t.v. rights money it has been suggested that the large companies involved may get too involved.  The companies will most likely  feel that with the money invested, should make them a figurehead when it comes to making decisions over the World Cup. In truth I see problems ahead that reek of corporations sleeping together and the more than likely lobbying for t.v. rights and control of rights in years to come.  

So my answer for those who care, is that I'am disappointed

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Talk About Sick Snaps: the GoPro HD helmet hero

The GoPro Helmet Camera shoots 1080p HD video and still photo's making for a sick way to capture the moment, what ever it be. I have so so many potential situations where I could use this, from surfing Diamond Head to documenting my new favorite activity of coconut commandeering. Hit the link above and check out the specs.

So so dirrrty is Luis Suarez's goal against Stoke

In my last  Liver n' Onions I expressed my displeasure with the slurry of missed chances that Liverpool and more so Luis Suarez flubbed against Norwich City in their 1-1 draw last weekend. As a devoted reader of this blog SpotKickJournalism, Suarez clearly read that post and responded with one of the filthiest goals I have ever seen bar- none. First he nutmegs the Stoke defender than hits a deft curler past the outstretched Sorenson. 

Ooooh My Gooooal! Absolutely nuts. Check the vid below and prepare a change of underpants.

So sick... to add Suarez netted again boosting Liverpool into the quarterfinals of the Carling Cup winning 2-1 over Stoke City. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Manchester City's Mario Balotelli answers your questions in #AskMario

Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli answers your questions in this City T.V. exclusive via Twitter.

Submit yours here @ Manchester City @MCFC

Liver n'Onions: New Faces...Same Ol' Headaches

With the ceremonial anthem of " You'll never walk alone" belting louder than usually from the Anfield stands, in honor of the Hillsborough disaster, Reds fan's were unaware that they were about to witness another disaster.

The significance  of what was to come pales in NO way to the devastation of the 96  fans who lost their lives that April 15th 1989, but in terms of results within a season the 1-1 draw with Norwich City was catastrophic. Old habits returned to Anfield with a switchblade smile, once again seeing a slip up against a newly promoted team with far less  talent than Liverpool. This fairly regular theme is brought to you by poor defensive showings and a uncanny amount of missed chances.  

Luis Suarez had the bit between his teeth and was up to his regular shenanigans creating so many right  from the start  that I swear every minute I was squirming in my chair, oohing- and- awwing, waiting for the net to ripple. After I saw him miss chance after chance, I realized it could be one of those games that the missed chances some back to haunt and to hurt. Liverpool amassed a total of 25 shots on goal, an amount that you would expect to see a higher return from, yet only a single solitary one was converted,  The finishing touch was not there for Liverpool as Norwich got an all important point, not because they deserved it, but because of the home team's incompetence to finish the game off. After the 1-1 draw with Manchester United last weekend, It looked like Liverpool where making progress, but that has been halted by another score of 1-1 to a weak side, rendering it a digression from where the Reds stoop last week.

 Kenny Dalgleish opted to start Suarez up top with Dirk Kuyt and Craig Bellamy starting on the wing against the team that he started his career.

Liverpool where off in a flash having created two magnificent chances within in the first 5 minutes, but failed to convert either of them. Martin Skrtels header glanced off the bar and Suarez started his own personal barrage on Ruddy's goal with a miss.  Missing chances has been a reoccurring feature of the new-look Liverpool having already cost them in their matches with Sunderland, Stoke and Manchester United. Having said this there was no shortage of opportunities but applying the finish touch is where it all fell apart. Having netted 12 goals this season so far from their 9 premier league games is simply not clinical enough for a team that views themselves as top four contenders. The talent is apparent stressing again how many chances Luis Suarez alone had, but looking at the line-up you can clearly see that they are far capable of converting with the likes of Steven Gerrard, Bellamy, Kuyt and the Andy Carroll on the bench. This is not taking in to account the marauding fullbacks of Jose Enrique and Glen Johnson who made his return to the starting line- up replacing Martin Kelly at the right back spot.

The goal finally came at the end of the first half, which was a model of frustration to all LFC supporters. Craig Bellamy netted in the 46' minute with the ball taking a somewhat lucky deflection off Norwich's left-back Marc Tierney.

If you where thinking that LFC's lack of offensive savvy caused their downfall, I would say nay. Conceding silly goals is is a pattern  that was revisited at the weekend, and is a pattern that all involved would love to banish. When Liverpool came out for the second half they looked terribly sloppy in defense. Not lacking the cutting edge, they still failed to build on their well deserved first half breakthrough. This, coupled with slack marking led to Norwich substitute Gent Holt's equalizer, as he rose to head home past a flapping Reina. A shameful attempt by the Spanish keeper, who usually dominates in those areas gave the hungry forward an opportunity that he took emphatically. Once again done by a poor defensive display it raises the question of Jamie Carragher's ability and the overall cohesion of the back four. Reina may have been at fault which is shocking for the most consistent keepers in the EPL, but the fight to win the header defensively wasn't there.

Norwich's Keeper Ruddy determined not to be beaten by his old rivals, as a one time Everton stopper, had a strong showing in goal. Facing a firing squad from Liverpool was counting his stars that the majority of the efforts hit the post or went wide, but when he was called upon he performed magnificently.

Missed chances killed us, and lack of assuredness in the back is what cost the Reds what should have been three points. Liverpool face Stoke in the League cup this week, who were defeated by Robin van Persie's heroics for Arsenal at the weekend. Peter Crouch faces his old squad and with the strong front line of Walters, Jones and Jerome Liverpool's defensive unit will have to look sharp. In the EPL the Reds face West Bromich Albion on Oct. 29, and the onus will be on the them to get the three points with a convincing win.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Adidas Immotile

These are sick, plain and simple. The Adidas Immotile in olive is a skateboarding shoe that boasts origins   from the funky 70's. Started as a cycling shoe has now evolved into a multi purpose, suede, fly as hell classic looking shoe.

Check out more views in the link above.

SAF's post-match interview after United's 6-1 defeat (video)

Sir Alex Ferguson's post match interview after Manchester United lost 6-1 to cross town rivals Manchester City.

Your MLS PLayoff Reference Sheet

Wild Card
FC Dallas vs New York Red Bulls – Wed, Oct 26th – 9pm ET (FOX Soccer, TSN2)
Colorado Rapids vs Columbus Crew – Thurs, Oct 27th – 10pm ET (Altitude 2, ONN, TSN2)
Eastern Conference Semifinals
First Leg
FC Dallas vs Sporting Kansas City – Sat, Oct 29th – 7.30om ET (Fox Soccer, TSN)…. OR… Colorado Rapids / Columbus Crew vs Sporting Kansas City – Sun, Oct 30th – 7pm ET (Fox Soccer, TSN2)
Philadelphia Union vs Houston Dynamo – Sun, Oct 30th – TBD (ESPN2, Deportes, ESPN3)
Second Leg
Sporting Kansas City vs FC Dallas / Columbus Crew / Colorado Rapids – Wed, Nov 2nd – TBD (Fox Soccer)
Houston Dynamo vs Philadelphia Union – Thurs, Nov 3rd – 8.30pm ET (ESPN2, Deportes, ESPN3, TSN2)
Western Conference Semifinals
First Leg
Real Salt Lake vs Seattle Sounders – Sat, Oct 29th – 10pm ET (FOX Soccer, TSN2)
Colorado Rapids / Columbus Crew / New York Red Bulls vs LA Galaxy – Sun Oct 30th TBD (ESPN or ESPN2, Deportes, ESPN3, TSN2)
Second Leg
Seattle Sounders vs Real Salt Lake – Wed, Nov 2nd – TBD (ESPN2, Deportes, ESPN3, TSN2)
LA Galaxy vs Colorado Rapids / Columbus Crew / New York Red Bull – Thurs, Nov 3rd – 11pm ET (ESPN2, Deportes, ESPN3, TSN2)
Conference Championships
Hosted by highest remaining seed – Sun, Nov 6th – 5.30pm ET (FOX Soccer)
Hosted by highest remaining seed – Sun, Nov 6th – TBD (ESPN or ESPN2, Deportes, ESPN3, TSN2)

Mario Balotelli is F***ing Brilliant (Video)

I woke up this morning and still believed I dreamed that I actually witnessed Manchester United lose 6-1 yesterday to Manchester City. Realizing it actually happened brings a grin to my face wider than the United goal was left open by United's keeper David De Gea. 

City's Manager Roberto Mancini put the onus on his team to go for the win by breaking out of defensive shackles that normally serves as the ethos to his tactical setup, starting Mario Balotelli, Kun Aguero and David Silva. Balotelli opened the scoring with a grass-cutter into the corner form the top of the box, celebrating it by removing his jersey exposing a shirt that read, " Why always me?"All I can say in response is that he's fucking brilliant! Hearing reports that he today is driving around Manchester hi-fiving City fans, just makes me like the man even more. I'am no City fan, but my hatred for Manchester United can not be quelled so this freak result I feel is a once in a life time experience.

Balotelli has received so mush shtick from pundits, fans, mangers- basically anyone involved in world football but for all his faults or short comings, he seems to have finally arrived. The success coming to City seems to have put a smile on the mans face, and he seems to be enjoying his footy. I was once skeptical that he would ever overcome his bad attitude to fulfill his potential, but I can clearly see now that his skills are coming the the floor, and I'am loving watching him as it's refreshing to see some one bringing a little humor to the game when he embrace's his much -maligned persona.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

David Luiz Blesses Fernando Torres in CL match vs. Genk (video)

Fernando Torres is back scoring in the Champions League netting twice for the blues in their match 5-0 win over Genk last night. This is all due to the blessing bequeathed upon him by witchdoctor David Luiz, summoning the sprits from the past to aid the striker. 

Check video it's absolutely wild...

The Black Keys- New Album-El Camino due out December 6th

El Camino is their follow up album to "Brothers," is available for pre-order now. Upon ordering you will receive a copy of their first single, Lonely boy on October 26.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

CL Action: Arsenal 1-0 Marseille

Arsenal: Ramsey (90'+)

Arsenal vs. Marseille was far from a classic, but substitute Aaron Ramsey added heart pounding excitement to Gooners around the world when he netted following Gervinho's mis-control from a Djourou cross.

Once again one nil to Arsenal, a welcomed score line to Arsenal fans at the moment....I would hope? This was Arsenal's first clean sheet away from home in the Champions League for three and a half years. Aaron Ramsey's goal perches the N. London club top of their group.

For the rest of the CL results.

CL Action: Bayer Leverkusen 2-1 Valencia

Leverkusen: Schurrle (52')              Valencia: Jonas (24')
                     Sam      (56')

After one of the poorest first half performances I have ever seen, Bayer Leverkusen wised up and threw themselves a life vest securing the 3 points in their 2-1 win over Valencia.

Unable to have ball stick at their feet Leverkusen flopped around while Ballack complained and Valencia mounted attack after attack. Failing to punish Leverkusen with more than one goal, allowed the Germans to get back in to the game. In actual fact conceding the goal is what kick started them into life and the game continued to fluctuate between attacks from both sides until its resolution.

A sick volley from Andre Schurrle leveled terms to which the roar of the home crowd urged them to push on.

The second came in the form of a gallivanting run from Sidney Sam resulting in him shifting it to his left and  hitting a curling shot that rippled the net at the back post.

Unai Emery and Valencia should feel hard done by that they didn't put the game to bed when they had the chance, as now they now sit behind Chelsea and Bayern Leverkusen and in Group E.

Win a trip to the MLS Cup with el Jimador tequila

El Jimador tequila asks us real soccer fans...what are the rules of a fan? Is going to a game wearing a jersey of a team that is not playing worthy of taking a free kick to the face from Cristiano Ronaldo? Is supporting a national team other than your own treason? 

They ask...

Submit your rule as a fan and have a chance to win ten grand prizes with the winner being awarded two tickets to the MLS Cup, in addition to round-trip airfare, a two-night stay in a local hotel, and $200 in cash. Winners and guests must be 21 and older and be available to travel Nov. 19-21, 2011

These rules will be reviewed by a panel of judges and winners will be selected based on creativity and originality. The contest period concludes on Nov. 4, 2011, and winners will be notified on Nov.8, 2011, via email and/or phone.

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Editor & Chief

The Great Wall Of Neuer Crumbles.

Bayern Munich's keeper Manuel Neuer's streak of I believe 12 game 1,146-minute streak without conceding was broken today as Munich surrendered an own goal from Holger Badstuber in their 1-1 draw with Napoli at the Stadio San Paolo.

Munich's 100% record in the Champions League group stage was broken in fiery match with Napoli in their Group A showdown. Not the best performance from the Italian's excluding Cristian Maggio, Keeper  Morgan De Sanctis and Ezequiel Lavezzi, but they squeaked out result.

Bayern, despite the result look like they could slay anything that steps before them, and will give the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United a run for their money.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Liver n'Onions: History still could happen this year...?

This week on Liver n'Onions I hold high hopes for the the next edition of the North Wes Derby, as this one will go down in history as the the one not worthy of going down in history.
Allegations accusing Luis Suarez of racial abusing Patrice Evra is not the only point that scarred the monumental occasion of Liverpool vs. Manchester United at the weekend. The play did that its self. In one of the most disappointing North West Derbies in recent memory, the players from both sides let the gravity of the occasion get to them, effecting the play on view. 

There was no real dirty play, with only four yellow cards between the two teams in the match,  Liverpool with one to Manchester United  three. But the meandering of players more focused on not making mistakes in such a high profile match, rather than going hell for leather, made for a conservative and sloppy spectacle.

Both sides came out in a formation of 4-5-1, giving birth to the slop in the midfield, congesting it so much that the only way to clear it was with a hefty dose of Mucinex. Steven Gerrard marked his full return to the squad, starting from the beginning along side Lucas, and Charlie Adam in the midfield.  Leading the line for the Reds was Luis Suarez, whose performance was a mere shadow of that in the corresponding fixture last year. An on song Suarez still would have had a hard time breaking down the defense heavy ranks of United, with Phil Jones playing as a holding midfielder. I was shocked when I saw the line-up Sir Alex put out, not figuring him to make those drastic changes to his line-up. I pondered if both Sir Alex and Kenny Dalgleish had a pow wow before the game and decided to cahoot on tactics together.

" Alright let'us mash a whole bunch of players who don't like each together in the midfield and see what happens…good fun."

Liverpool's attack was crying out for either Andy Carroll or Dirk Kuyt to join the likes of Suarez up top. If not going two up top and having five in midfield, which was clearly  pin pointed as the must win area,  the 1 in a  4-5-1 is tailor made for an Andy Carroll type forward. Someone that can hold the ball up and bring others into the game. The diminutive Suarez is not that player, and with him up top alone Liverpool is forced to play differently, but they continued to loft the ball from the back and more often then not failed to find the head of Suarez. The lack of targets in the box rendered Stewart Downing's crosses wasteful and unproductive, and the link play between the Lucas, Adam and Gerrard was a sight to forget. Under performing for me,  Suarez  fluffed a clear chance when he found himself with only United keeper David de Gea to beat, after  Charlie Adam's 34th-minute shot kindly rebounded off Jonny Evans, but the Suarez shot straight at the goalkeeper who parried the ball to safety.

With the undeniably weaker United side, Liverpool  held their own and it was any ones guess who would score first. The first half was dismal on all accounts, but with the dawn of the second half play perked up a smidge.

Captain fantastic came to the Scousers rescue once again scoring a welcome back goal, gifted to him by Ryan Giggs  splitting off the United wall, allowing Stevie's free kick to arrow the back of the net. An emphatic slide capped his return to relevance, marking his 50th goal at Anfield and most importantly brought a beaming smile to this man's tired face.  

United really didn't pose much in attack in the majority, but that blessing changed instantly with introduction of Wayne Rooney, Chicharito and Nani- talk about impact subs. Impact is what they made as Chicharito headed home a corner leveling terms 1-1. Leave it to a Liverpool team to concede on a set piece. I know it's been a while since the days of Rafa, but that damn zonal marking came back to haunt us and robbed the Reds of the three points.

Omitted new-boy Jordan Henderson had a chance to illuminate his name in Scouse studded light's, but his head let him down, as he nodded a clear cut opportunity over the bar in stoppage time. 

Forgive the somewhat sarcastic tone to this piece, but I cannot deny my disappointment. The spectacle was less than thrilling, and in all fairness a 1-1 is a decent result, but Liverpool had chances to separate themselves. I would have liked to see more attacking urgency, with the introduction of Andy Carroll. He scored in the Merseyside Derby a fortnight ago, and letting the big man slug it up top against Rio and Evans would have been a welcomed sight. I feel both frustrated at the fact we did bot take advantage of the weakened United squad. A draw is usually a good result to get against United, but I feel Liverpool had their number the whole game, yet still performing below-par. Stuff to ponder.

Liverpool face Rangers tomorrow in a friendly taking place at Ibrox, and are at home against Norwich at the weekend.

You can view more @

Friday, October 14, 2011

King James to grace Anfield

It will be a royal affair this weekend at Anfield. Sir's are attending and  not one but 'two kings' will be attending the match against Manchester United. Manager "King Kenny" Dalgleish will be accompanied by the man know as "King James," or as the jersey states Lebron. Last April Lebron James became a minority owner of Liverpool Football Club, but this weekend he will be doing more than watching the festivities, he'll be lacing up his boot strings to play.

Only kidding...but mull this over, If Lebron was to play for LFC, what position would he play? I just had a lovely chat with the boy's from  Behind The Glass, as sister show to World Football Daily. In my eyes he would play center forward. Strong, quick feet for a big lad, and he's massive. Andy Carroll who? That aside he would also make decent defender for the same attributes highlighted just moments ago.

Since this game is on ESPN2, you'll undoubtedly be shown a glimpse of the NBA star who will be cheering o his Reds from the stands.

Toy-ing with the opposition

My brother just sent me this video featuring the very life like Cristiano Ronaldo toy, that tumbles in a heap with push of a button. It's hilarious...clearly made by a British company, circa 2006 and following the World Cup in Germany when their beloved Wayne Rooney was sent off in England's -I believe quarter final with Portugal. What really pissed off the England fans was after Rooney saw red, the camera man zoomed in on the Ronaldo, catching him give a cheeky wink on the situation. Since then CR7 has chilled down his theatrics and has turned into a player that I admire for his skill and work rate on the pitch.

But I wonder what the sales of this toy interesting to find out.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rooney to miss 3 games in Euro's due to silly red card

In last weeks post on Wayne Rooney's silly acquisition of a red card in England's final qualifying match with Montenegro,  I was unsure of the final punishment that would result in the the strikers childish play. Coming out today it is confirmed that Rooney will miss the first THREE! matches in the Euro 2012 tournament in Poland and Ukraine.

This puts England manager Fabio Capello in a precarious position on whether to even bring him at all. The England Football Association has written to UEFA, in hopes of minimizing the ban but it's a minimum three game ban for dangerous play. Watch the video below of Wazza chopping Miodrag Dzudovic, and tell me if this punishment is a warranted one?

Euro 2012 Playoff Draw

Play-off drawTurkey v Croatia
Estonia v Republic of Ireland
Czech Republic v Montenegro
Bosnia and Herzegovina v Portugal
First legs: 11/12 November
Second legs: 15 November
Play-off recordsBosnia and Herzegovina – P1 L1
Croatia – P2 W2
Czech Republic – P2 W1 L1
Estonia – N/A
Montenegro – N/A
Portugal – P1 W1
Republic of Ireland – P5 W1 L4
Turkey – P4 W3 L1
Already qualified
Co-hosts: Poland and Ukraine
Group winners: Spain (holders), Germany, Russia, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Greece, England, and Denmark
Best runners-up: Sweden
Final tournament draw: 2 December in Kyiv, 18.00CET (20.00 local time)
Final tournament: 8 June–1 July
Final tournament venues: Gdansk, Poznan, Warsaw, Wroclaw (Poland); Donetsk, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv (Ukraine)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

David Beckham & adidas presents: The Gazelle Vintage Mid

Becks continues to stamp his style on the ObyO range, focusing his gazing eye on the gazelle. Being one of the most iconic/stylish of soccer inspired fashion, the gazelle gets a new bodykit, with a chukka style lace up and it's a mid-top! To complete the ensemble this hybrid sports a moc toe and those stream-lined white stripes over a mesh ankle. My word... more pics here.

The "Big Picture," MNT vs. Ecuador

The "Big Picture." A valiant justification for the the U.S. mens national teams 1-0 loss to Ecuador in New York, which makes it 3 defeats in 5 under Jurgen Klinsmann. There is nothing the German could really do with the U.S. boys coming off a game on Saturday night, in which fatigue was a factor in their second half complacency. At the half wholesale changes were made, which in a high paced match against Ecuador -who came to play- makes it tough for the subs to get up to match speed and with this the visitors dominated play.

Playing in front of a vocal crowd at Red Bull Arena, Klinsmann's side started the game like a thoroughbred out of the gates, with both wings occupied by Brek Shea and Danny Williams looking integral to a positive outcome. The best play from the U.S. came in the first half, but still failed to mount any notable goal chances- a continuos problem that has plagued the the US.

Not scoring is never good, but it is masked slightly when you don't let goals in but that is not the case for the USMNT. Second half substitute and NY Red Bull player Tim Ream came on to the cheer of his home fans but his failing to get the right side of for Ecuadorian Jamie Ayovi lead to oppositions winning goal.

I like what Alexi Lalas said, when he stated " It's all positive," referring to the result even though the defeat. A statement that I don'y necessarily like, but I agree with and I can't really afford not to with the rebuilding under Jurgen. But I remain smiling through gritted teeth every time John Harkes and analysits alike point out:

" You can certainly pull some positives out of the game."

USMNT takes on Ecuador tonight (video)

The USMNT takes on Ecuador tonight Oct. 11at 7:45 pm ET, looking to hit two on the trot after winning against Honduras at the weekend. The venue for the match will  Red Bull Arena, which is the first time the US boys have played at home stadium of the NY Red Bulls. 

Captain fantastic at his finest! (Video)

Just having a laugh...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Nike's: Millano Kalibro Kobe

Kobe is the Black Mamba in Nike's new spot which reiterates his love for the 'Beautiful game', this time by-passing his support for Barcelona, and inserting him into a spot with Serie A's finest. 

In what looks like a trailer for a 1960's detective flick the Nike spot features Italian stars 
Giampaolo Pazzini, Gennaro Gattuso, Alberto Aquilani, Claudio Marchisio, Marco Materazzi and finally Toronto Raptors player Marco Belinelli. 

Stay tuned for more details on Black Mamba’s Millano Kalibro Kobe...