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Monday, October 24, 2011

Mario Balotelli is F***ing Brilliant (Video)

I woke up this morning and still believed I dreamed that I actually witnessed Manchester United lose 6-1 yesterday to Manchester City. Realizing it actually happened brings a grin to my face wider than the United goal was left open by United's keeper David De Gea. 

City's Manager Roberto Mancini put the onus on his team to go for the win by breaking out of defensive shackles that normally serves as the ethos to his tactical setup, starting Mario Balotelli, Kun Aguero and David Silva. Balotelli opened the scoring with a grass-cutter into the corner form the top of the box, celebrating it by removing his jersey exposing a shirt that read, " Why always me?"All I can say in response is that he's fucking brilliant! Hearing reports that he today is driving around Manchester hi-fiving City fans, just makes me like the man even more. I'am no City fan, but my hatred for Manchester United can not be quelled so this freak result I feel is a once in a life time experience.

Balotelli has received so mush shtick from pundits, fans, mangers- basically anyone involved in world football but for all his faults or short comings, he seems to have finally arrived. The success coming to City seems to have put a smile on the mans face, and he seems to be enjoying his footy. I was once skeptical that he would ever overcome his bad attitude to fulfill his potential, but I can clearly see now that his skills are coming the the floor, and I'am loving watching him as it's refreshing to see some one bringing a little humor to the game when he embrace's his much -maligned persona.

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