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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beckham continues his world-footballing domination

The footballing super star of David Beckham is reportedly holding talks with French giants Paris Saint-Germain over a possible move to the club this winter. Suitors are not few and far between, as Premier League sides QPR and Tottenham are also interested in signing the current LA Galaxy midfielder, whose contract expires later this year.

Le Parisien has stated that the former English international will meet with the likes of Leonardo, PSG's footballing  director- who managed the Brit during his successful spell at AC Milan. A return to European football is a move to  put himself in the running for the English Olympic team in London next summer, which in terms of selling tickets would be a mammoth move by Fabio Capello if Beckham was selected.

In terms of Beckham value to PSG...I am not sure it's move that will change add anything to their playing style. Beckham's ability to swing in a ball is second to none, but besides that sweet foot, the 35 year old  lacks pace and tackling ability. PSG do not have large front men up top that a sweetly swung cross could be a valued asset, with Manger Koumbare opting to play the diminutive Kevin Gameiro on his own. PSG seem to break with pace and the addition of Beckham would only slow them down.  
Since the injection of  money, and the high profile signing of Javier Pastore, the injection  Beckham's stature would only add to the development of the super club in the works that is PSG. Seeing the hullabaloo caused by his arrival in Los Angeles, Beckham's arrival in the French capital would rock the foundations of the Eiffel Tower.

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