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Friday, October 28, 2011

Robert Burns says "Adios," to World Football Daily

On World Football Daily the tease of a "Big Announcement," due to be released has left listeners wondering the past week, but as of today it has all been cleared up. Robert Burns aka "the King of Twitter," will be leaving the host position at WFD. When Kenny Hassan left a couple months prior it came as a shock to many listers, but since then I have adapted to the pair of Sofie and Robert in the shared host position and grown to love their styles. I feel as thought I barely got to know Robert as he announces his last show will be Monday, and though saddened by his decision to leave after such a short time at the helm, I am comforted by the fact that frequent co-host Martin Rogers from Yahoo Sports, will be taking over in Roberts stead. Martin brings a wealth of knowledge coupled with experience having written for such publications as London's Daily Mirror.

News of Roberts resignation comes as a slight shock, but the show is not being left short- handed. The partnership of Martin and Sophie is one to evoke excitement and I'm looking forward for things to come in the ever growing/changing/evolving radio show that I love.

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