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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SpotKickJournalism has teamed up with

Dear folks,

Men, women and children lend me your retina's as I announce that SKJ has joined Karmaloop's rep team! I will hence forth be bringing you the latest, newest/hottest and crisp styles from the fastest growing apparel website on the web.

Bringing the smart library look of a New-England University to the Embarcadero streets of San Francisco, pavement scorched by the poly-urethane of skateboard wheels.

When picking up your new threads, Men's or Women's look in the lower right hand corner of the checkout screen and enter code: nhlnhl9 in the Rep Code section to receive 20% off your first purchase, and 10% after each to follow for eternity muhahaha! Add that onto the bountiful discounts and sales on the site equals a sweet deal/steal/sale of the f***ing century. Get some.

Take a gander at the site. here...

Editor & Chief

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