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Friday, October 14, 2011

King James to grace Anfield

It will be a royal affair this weekend at Anfield. Sir's are attending and  not one but 'two kings' will be attending the match against Manchester United. Manager "King Kenny" Dalgleish will be accompanied by the man know as "King James," or as the jersey states Lebron. Last April Lebron James became a minority owner of Liverpool Football Club, but this weekend he will be doing more than watching the festivities, he'll be lacing up his boot strings to play.

Only kidding...but mull this over, If Lebron was to play for LFC, what position would he play? I just had a lovely chat with the boy's from  Behind The Glass, as sister show to World Football Daily. In my eyes he would play center forward. Strong, quick feet for a big lad, and he's massive. Andy Carroll who? That aside he would also make decent defender for the same attributes highlighted just moments ago.

Since this game is on ESPN2, you'll undoubtedly be shown a glimpse of the NBA star who will be cheering o his Reds from the stands.

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