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Friday, September 16, 2011

Arctic Monkeys release new signal ' Suck It And See,' from recent album

Lubricate your Ear Drums:

Arctic Monkeys have just announced  'Suck It and See' as the new single from their latest album titled the same. The 'Suck It and See'  signal will be released on Monday 31st October, available on 7" and MP3 Digital Download including brand new song 'Evil Twin'. The videos ethos is " What If a Rock n'Roller was lost, and never could find is way back." Interesting prospect, yet I remain more interested in the new song. I can only hope it springs from the latest albums mediocrity to impress.

The Arctic Monkeys will be gracing the west coast of the US on 24th of Sept in San Diego @ The Open Air Theatre, and Sun the 25th @ the hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. 

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  1. This song is about the poor man's Joey Barton. swear.