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Monday, September 12, 2011

No Bueno Torres

With only 1 goal in 18 league matches for Chelsea, Fernando Torres completes another poor game for the Blues this weekend, once again struggling to make any impact what-so-ever. A sad sight for me as  I absolutely  adore  the player, now more than ever for the fact he's not playing for Liverpool ( sorry..).  I remember his first goal for the Blues, for the sole reason that I have never been so excited for a Chelsea player to have scored. It doesn't matter what team he's playing for, I cant forget that hair-raising excitement felt when he buried all those magical goals for the Reds. Magical goals that have dried up completely of late at the West London club.

With lack of confidence that is apparent to see, Spanish National coach Vicente del Bosque left " the nino" watching their most recent Euro qualifier against Liechtenstein from the stands, and Torres started Chelsea's weekend fixture against Sunderland on the bench. Manager Andre Villas-Boas hopes that dropping the striker will inspire him to up his game, and get back in form. 

If you go onto google images and search Fernando Torres Chelsea, every image
is one of him scowling, upset, looking pissed and's sad but brilliant!
If he were a  Native American, this would be the opportune moment for the out of form striker to make a vision quest, to find himself, becoming one with the pitch he plays on. We all know he has the skills in his locker, the tantalizing Torres, the tormenting and the terrorizing. This vision quest I speak of would come in the shape of Torres returning back to home town club of Atletico Madrid and starting anew. He needs to rediscover the hunger, and will to dominate that playing for passion, not money fuels. Since moving to Chelsea with a 50 million pound price tag, the expectation seems too much for the man, un able to cope with the pressure. Moving back "home," is the confidence booster that he needs. He will undoubtedly have to take a pay cut, or not if he still struggles for form. I cannot see him coming good anytime soon for Chelsea as he has only netted one goal so far. He has tried growing his hair long again, even highlighting slightly, but  his gorgeous locks have yet to help his finishing prowess. When that goal came  that rainy night at West Brom I thought the flood gates would open, the goal acting as a catalyst....but sadly this prophecy did not hold water.

In a recent interview with Spain’s Primera Liga website Torres has called out his fellow Chelsea teammates for being too slow, hinting at the fact that they are in part to blame for his misfirings. Torres has fired back, saying he has been misquoted and that he was not slighting his teammates. Whether actual or not it is water under the bridge as it's what's is done on the pitch that matters. Torres's past heights have somewhat masked his short comings of late, but manager AVB has made a strong statement by dropping Torres to the bench, one that Ancelotti never quite made. Torres has warranted a demotion, and I am actually surprised it has taken this long. All you have to do is look at the stats. one goal in 18 appearances, for a 50 million pounder, is not good enough.

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