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Friday, September 23, 2011

" Great Scot!" Kenny Hassan says goodbye to WFD

 It was a bittersweet start to my friday, as I awoke to the announcement that Kenny Hassan, host of World Football Daily will be leaving the show after years at the helm. I have been dazzled by his analytic breakdowns and comedic commentary ever since I found the show, integrating its elements into my own life. Being a subscriber to WFD feels like being apart of a exclusive club and the family of producers and guests they have had on the show are all near an dear to my heart. 

I started listening before It was a subscriber based show, and upon learning that he platform was changing I am ashamed to say I questioned the worth, which on reviewing must have been down to shock. Low and behold I took the leap and subscribed, and haven't looked back since.  When host Steven left last year, I once again questioned how it would work without the banter between the him and the "Great Scot," but with the addition of Robert and Sophie to the show has taken the ruckus to the next level. Robert and Sophie will be taking over the creative vision of the show now that the announcement of Kenny's departure has arrived, a prospect that leaves me waiting in anticipation. This change has come a bit out of left field but I will embrace the seemingly ever-evolving show just as I always have. 

I want to thanks Kenny for all the good listening and material that has helped me advance my footballing knowledge, and want to wish him the best in his further exploits.

Thanks Kenny

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