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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Liver n' Onions does Liverpool's deadline day summary.

Today it's all Onions on Liver n'Onions, as you can' t get more eye watering, breath spoiling, and layered than the transfer window deadline day.

I awoke this morning still slightly hungover from the 2 nights prior when I celebrated my 21st birthday, but my  head spinning, stomaching turning reality couldn't hold a flame to the head spinning induced from the transfer day deadline madness. I felt sick, even thought the excitement of moving players sets my teeth on edge. With a pro-active summer of signings, I did not expect Dalgleish to have dipped his toes into the market any further. I figured the releasing of players would be the ethos of the Scots approach to  the dwindling hours of the window. This he did but someone should have warned him not to do it after smoking a doobie. 

Quickly going to my bookmark bar I clicked, opening to find:

It's a bit of a broadside. I can only pin this on Dalgleish for not giving him playing-time. Not knowing the reasons, it looks like a player wanting to leave because he isn't getting to play, knowing full well he deserves to be on the pitch. Liverpool's best player last year, has been ousted by Charlie Adam and Jordan Henderson. Where is the Logic in that?  Jordan is young and promising, but inexperienced. Charlie Adam has looked quality  early in the season, but picking him ahead of  Meireles is like choosing a donkey for the Kentucky Derby instead of a horse. All we did was help Chelsea securing a better player, than who they were after. Failing with a 40 million pound bid to sign Luka Modric, AVB should be counting his chickens that Ol' Arry stayed firm on not selling Modric, for they have secured a much better player for a bargain price of 12 million pounds. A shock to my system, which can only be remedied with Adam and Henderson stepping up in the big games. This result does not sit well with me at all. An exciting player, who I loved watching red, now will be seen in blue, which will only make me feel…blue.

A less gut wrenching piece of business sees Joe Cole sent out on a year long loan deal to Lille . The English man has a big task ahead of him adjusting to the culture, language and playing style of the reigning French champions. A good bit of business done by Lille,  adds depth the the strong squad, in which Cole will most likely play a substitute role, as he forages for form. This move sparked rumors of Eden Hazard jumping, with Cole serving as his replacement, but that looks like a bunch of bollocks. Adding some astuteness to the deal, is Liverpool trying to cultivated  first refusal on signing Eden Hazard, by paying 60% of Cole's wages for the next 12 months. Dalgleish and Damien Comolli hope to beat their competitors in courting the talented Belgium, with Cole clearly acting as a sweetener.

Christian Poulsen has left Anfield  to join league 1 side Evian after failing to break into the first team squad. A deal worth 4.5 million pounds has been finalized for the Danish International, who since the introduction Adam has had a reality check that playing time would be at a premium. 

David No'good has been snatched up by Bolton for 4 million pounds, finally relieving Liverpool fans from having to see that poser any longer, Good riddance .

Phillip Degen's contract has been terminated, which is no great loss to the squad, and it just clears out some dead weight.

 Dani Pacheco has also been offloaded, with the Spanish striker joining Atletico Madrid.

Now for the newcomers…

The Liverpool hierarchy seem to have been studying their math of late…coming up with this complicated formula: Uruguayan team + 4th place finish in World Cup 2010, Winners of Copa America = Good Uruguayan players. Liverpool's signing of Sebastion Coates is putting that formula into action. Signing  from Nacional, a player who at this years Copa America was voted "best player" after commanding performance  after commanding performance. Fellow country-men Luis Suarez  played an important role in bringing the 20 year old to Anfield, that and a fee of 7 million pounds. I see this man "Coates," "Fitting" into Dalgleish's system just fine.

The Nutter with the Putter.  Yes, it happened. Bellamy will be making his second bow at the Merseyside club. If you want more please  read my piece in the WFD kick about section on the  " nutter," because it's  nut-rageous.

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