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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rat's off a sinking ship. "aka" The Arsenal

Now with Cesc out, and Nasri seemingly on his way, Wenger turns to Lille once again targeting Eden Hazard to replace the fleeing talent. The talented Belgium would be a valued asset at many clubs, showing fantastic skill in the french league last years, guiding Lille to a League 1 title. Although the rumors are flying like the shit towards the fan, after already signing Gervinho from Lille, the loss of Hazard, would be hugely detrimental to the french side, rendering the deal a no-go. Before Wenger gets a Hazard- primarily a winger- forward, when they have the likes of Arshavin and Walcott, a silky footed playmaker is who they should be after. It's worrisome times for the Arsenal, with the likes of City and Liverpool strengthening. Their is the question... with Fabregas out, will Nasri step up and take his place, or will he jump ship as well? It's either going to be rat's off a sinking ship, or a separation for the wheat from the chaff. Heavily linked with a transfer to City looming, the Gooners should be crossing their finger's that the Frenchy stays. 

When Joey Barton exposed the corruption at club Newcastle, he seemed certain to leave but after that skirmish between the maligned midfielder and Gervinho, I believe Joe has ruined his chances.  If I where Arsenal I would make an offer prying Alberto Aquilani from Liverpool. Seems to be excess, and seemingly wants to go. He has yet to prove his worth in England but he is a tidy playmaker that Arsenal would do well to sign. If they could afford his wages- which should not be a problem- a swoop would be a economical one, clearing the Italian off Liverpool's books.

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