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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nasri signs for City and it's OFFICIAL. Sorry Arsenal...

A move that has been coming like the floods of the apocalypse for Arsenal, waters blue like the shirts of the aggressors. Truth is Arsenal has no one to blame but them selves. Failing to strengthen in the closing transfer window,  intent seems at an all time low. Much shit has been hurled at the N. London club of late and harsh it may be, but it's somewhat deserved. The departure of Fabregas, slow opening to the Premier league season, and most of all the lack of urgency in signing new players, much needed at the Arsenal. 

In Nasri's defense, the allure of a rich club  on the rise is about as attractive as coke is to Adrian Mutu, how could he say no? He has stated the move is fueled by the desire to win trophies, and if the case leaving the Arsenal is the right move. Losing the in the Carling Cup final to Birmingham last year might have been the final straw for the silky frenchman, but what ever it was he's free and clear now. 

It pains me slightly to see, not for Arsenal, but for Nasri. It can go two ways in my mind. The winning mentality seeming to be growing at City can inspire Nasri, pushing him on to new heights and earning the name of the "new Zidane." This may result, or he will be over shadowed by the likes of Silva, Yaya, and  El Kun Aguero. I was so excited to see him move the the EPl from Marseille, and he couldn't have landed at a better club that Arsenal. He slots right in, with his style, passing and pace. Having to play around Fabregas, the departure of the Spaniard should have been Nasri's clue to step-up, take the reign's and run that club, but alas he has elected to exit stage left. 

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