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Monday, August 15, 2011

Cesc finally signs for Barca!!! Thank Jesus! This and more...

Cesc has finally signed for his boy hood club of Barcelona, leaving the Arsenal for a fee of 35 million pounds. This makes me a jolly young lad, not for Cesc, but for my own personal reasons of never having the hear about this transfer deal ever again. This does bring the end of the longest transfer saga of all time, and  no matter what happens in this day, I will render it as a great one! It was Inevitable that cesc was going to get what he wanted, like a kid pouting in a toy shop. What bewilders me is why  he wants to go to a club where he won't necessarily get first team football. Xavi has a few goods years under his belt, at age 31, Andre Inesta, somewhat injury prone, but a fantastic player, who plain and simply starts when fit. It's the same situation of the Spanish National Team. Xavi, Inesta and Xabi Alonso start, not  Cesc. In terms of nostalgia, it's an inspiring transfer for the young Spaniard, but when looked at it seems a bit forced. With the emergence of future super-star, Thiago Alcantara, what's the point of Cesc?? Thiago is probably the person most disappointed with this transfer, also  Arsene Wegner and the Arsenal fans, but besides those few football fans can now rejoice over the end of the annoyingly arduous transfer saga, known as Cesc-gate.

After cast out at Liverpool, excess at Tottenham Robbie Keane has finally found some place to rest his head, and that is in the city known as La-la Land. The 31 year old Irish Captain signs for the Galaxy for a fee of $3.5 Million, a bargain considering this time-less relic still has some fantastic goals in him. The west coast giants are strengthening to prove their dominance over their east coast rivals, NY RedBulls who have been the DP procurers over the last few years.

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