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Friday, August 26, 2011

The "Nutter with the Putter, " returns to Anfield?

I awoke this morning the the sweet, yet surprising chirping of  The "Nutter with the Putter,"possibly making an Anfield return. Known as Craig Bellamy, only by reputation, as the name on the birth certificate most appropriately is I'am F***ing nuts, has been linked with a move back to Liverpool, after years of team hopping around England. This moniker that the fiery Welshman has coined, is due to the infamous "team building" trip Rafa Benitez's Liverpool took to Portugal, ending in Bellamy settling a dispute with John Arne Riise by brandishing a 9- iron. If your a fan of football, it's common knowledge that Bellamy is loose-cannon, but a player that he can come up with the miraculous on the pitch. At City he was one of their best performing players, leaving the likes of Robinho and Adebayor  looking shite . Phil Mickelson's return, sorry...ahhhh Bellamy's return to Anfield would be a interesting move to say the least, a move that could play dividends for player and club. Signing for Manchester City 2009, Bellamy played an important role in their move to relevance, but since then has been loaned out to hometown club of Cardiff City in the Championship. In my mind, and in the mind of Welsh international manager Gary Speed, Bellamy is a player is too good of a player to be mucking it around in the second level of British Football. A player capable of terrorizing defenses as he did Barcelona that European night in 2007,  pipping a 2-1 result against the European Champions. A result that would not happen in this current archdiocese, even with Bellamy back at Anfield.

Like Balotelli, Bellamy is what you would call a misunderstood genius. A player that needs the arm around the shoulder from that influential manager. As a boy- hood supporter of Liverpool, Bellamy gave them a few good years in his first stint, and with this latest rumor has the chance to  giv'em some more, or that is the hope at least. It's a gamble from Dalgleish but if any manager can inspire the Liverpool fan in Bellamy, it's him. An unpredictable player to say the least, who is just as likely to take a golf club to your dome piece, then listen to you. With the talent at Liverpool, he'd probably be no more than a squad player Merseyside, but with his Welsh work-man-like determination, could be a regular fixture if he impresses. Players that have played with Craig, say he's one of the most determined player they have ever lined up with, but with this high-point there comes a downsides. Don't EVER try to cut him in line at a chip shop, for you will get stuffed. John Arne Riise knows this first hand, being taught with the comforting utensil of a golf club. Don't ever insult his mammie or you'll get stuffed. Don't ever comment him on his silly accent or get the picture. One interesting flash point that could erect is the friendship or -lack there of- with Andy Carroll. Two extreme egos, competing for a striking role, who both love a good time and a few pints. The Welshman is know for his quick spurts of pace, to which forming a partnership with Suarez would make a forward line that you could lose like your pair of spectacles.

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