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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gotta Go Joe!

There is never enough controversy surrounding Joey Barton, as he seems to be attracted to it like a moth to a flame. We see him once again in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, this time  choosing a social media outlet vs. moves he learned from an old Chuck Norris film. In a growing trend of player getting into trouble via Twitter, Barton has joined in with teammate Jose Enrique's air of the grievances about Newcastle. Barton has followed suit, waxing poetic about the club's lack of ambition, and dressing room unrest, after their pre-season defeat to Leeds. In result Barton has been put up for a free transfer, as manger Alan Pardew clearly wants the bad blood bled out! 

With Barton a free pick up, behavior aside, will be on many EPL club's radar. With all his antics the midfielder has somewhat grown up over the years, but maintains that bite in his play. In this light they're are only two clubs I would like to see Barton playing for next year. One being the Arsenal, and two Manchester United. With Arsenal in need of some Barton's bite in midfield, he would be a perfect candidate in terms of his play. He's Feisty, takes no prisoners, decent distributor, but...what would Wenger make of his antics, as history shows there will be. Arsenal is such a P.C. club, that Barton might be seen as that bad child that burns ant's with a magnifying glass, and cast-out. On the flip side he's free so Wenger wouldn't have to spend any money on a transfer fee, exempting him from much criticism if the  experiment goes belly-up. Barton would be a great pick-up, or the worst decision...just have to wait and see.

With the recent departure of Paul Scholes, Barton could be a fitting replacement for the now retired midfield dynamo. What Man U needs is a player of Barton's Ilic, to sit behind the attack and mop-up in midfield Al la  Owen Hargreaves. If they cannot secure Danielle De Rossi, which they won't, then Barton is  a must! If any manager can iron out Barton it's Sir Alex Ferguson, and given the responsibility of a starting berth at Man U, Barton would be forced to clean up his act and be responsible. 

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