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Monday, November 14, 2011

Will David Beckham leave the Galaxy?

With the super nova footballing celebrity that Becks' is it would be no surprise if he was actually  leaving our galaxy to pursue football in Andromeda or some other galaxy yet discovered. But  on second  thought it might be hard to ping those passes without gravity.

Come Sunday the Los Angeles Galaxy will take the field with the Houston Dynamo, to compete for the MLS cup final, in a game that could be the last one played by David Beckham for the LA club. Beckham has been linked, strongly I might add, with the recent economically prosperous French club, Paris Saint-Germain. A club that has come into money recently, being bought by Qatari Investment Authority boasting backing worth 37 billion euros. PSG is building a super club and for their sporting director Leonardo, brand-Beckham is the final piece of the puzzle. 

Beckham is a status symbol, and for a club aspiring for Champions League football, the League 1 title and world-wide notoriety, Beckham's name alone will bring attention the world over. His shirt sales would practically pay his wages. Leonardo managed Beckham during his loan spells with AC Milan so he knows the player, knows what he can bring to the team, the club and the city of Paris, wanting to establish its self as a true footballing city.

Beckham came to the MLS in 2007, and in his tenure at the Galaxy opinions have been mixed over his play and devotion to the club, but in this last season, his devotion and will to fight for the club is apparent to see. A Player of the Year candidate, and winner of the Comeback Player award after bouncing back from an achilles injury, has lead the Galaxy to the MLS cup final with hard work and a un-soiling presence in midfield. 
The 36 year old is not getting any younger, but his fitness and play has barely wained since his prime playing at Manchester United and Real Madrid. Moving to PSG would be a massive move for the all parties included. MLS losing Beckham wouldn't be the biggest thing to happen, as the fanfare has subsided since his arrival at the Galaxy, but it might decrease the interest in those who are so-so on the sport. 

Having seen what he has done to the sport in the US,  I would render a guess that he would do the same for French football.  French football has always played the ugly cousin, so to say, to the Bundesliga, EPL, LA Liga and Serie A, but it is gathering steam. As a growing League 1 fan I would be delighted to see it grow even more.

If Beckham does go I will have deemed this time here as a success and will actually be a bit sad to see him go.

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