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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Team Great Britain in the 2012 Olympics

Come the 2012 Olympics being held in London, The first collective Great Britain soccer team since 1971 will compete for gold. The team will be managed by Stuart Pearce will include players from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England.

From the fore-mentioned countries, minus England the idea has received some negativity for fear that if they collaborate they will lose their Fifa status. In reading a report, David Beckham was asked what he thought of the idea and he said this,

" I'm an East End lad and being English born and bred, it would be something I'd be very honored to be part of.”
In this quote he says 'English,' not British. Which may be picking peanuts out of poop, but  the fact is that the other countries involved aren't sold on competing under the same banner as England.
For fun I'm going to make a mock line-up of who will walk out for their first game come 2012. I will take into account that the European Championships will be happening the same summer, so having the likes of Wayne Rooney competing in two competitions may be a bit over kill. So here it is:

   Davie Goodwille(Scot)   Craig Bellamy(W) 
                           Gareth Bale(W)       Aaron Ramsey(W)       David Beckham (Eng)        

    Charlie Adam(Scot)

          Chris Smalling(Eng)    Craig Cathcart (N.Ire)     Jonny Evans(N.Ire)    Phil Jones (Eng)

Wayne Hennessey(W)

As you can see it's a pretty even split with 4- Welsh, 2- Scots, 2- Northern Irish and 3-English players. You could probably expect to se players like: Danny Welbeck (Eng), Ben Foster (Eng), Ryan Giggs(Wales), Alan Hutton(Scot), Darren Fletcher(Scot),Chris Brunt( N.Ireland) and a host more on the roster or their abouts.

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