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Friday, November 4, 2011

Samir Nasri's Blacked-out AdiZero's or...the D5's?

Usually when you see a player wearing a "Black-out boot,"it means they are testing the boot out and taking in to account Adidas soccer's new release of the AdiZero MiCoach, Nasri was giving them the Ol' run around. Personally I'am not a fan of the bright, fluorescent boots that players regularly rock in this day n'age (Lionel Messi's MiCoach) so when I saw these boots I naturally dug them due to their classic/simple style.

I have also read that these might actually be the yet to be released Adidas D5, set to be unveiled next year. It's tough to tell as they are clearly black, but the point of this post is just so show how sick these are in all black.

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