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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Liver n'Onions: 11 Swans a-singing equals 11 Reds a-Rooing.

Oooh the swans were singing on Saturday at Anfield. Not a tune that Liverpool fans were whistling along to as they watched their beloved Reds tie 0-0 with the Swans of Swansea. This draw pre-empted a massacre of the majestic white birds around the grater Liverpool area. Only joking but it could have been a reality as the frustration of  dropping points  again to a newly promoted team was clearly evident. The old adage of it's a point earned doesn't incapsulate it, nor make it better. It's 2 point's lost by a Liverpool team who should be running riot over this Swansea side. 
Had an outstanding game in goal, using those big Swan wings to parry away all efforts.
In actual fact the newly promoted Swans play some decent football, sitting tenth in the table between co-promtees QPR and Norwich. But Liverpool in sixth, on 19 points should notch a convincing win at fortress Anfield. I'm not sure if you could accuse Liverpool of playing to their oppositions level, but their seems to be a Achilles heel when they face newly promoted squads. Defender Daniel Agger stated it well by saying that Liverpool looked like headless chickens running around.

"This is likely one of the most exciting 0-0 you'll see," the match announcer proclaimed, which is a grand claim, but in terms of 0-0 draws it was a a decent game. As I mentioned earlier this Swansea side do pass, and keep possession well making a good showing of it away from home at Anfield. When Swansea were mounting attacks, Liverpool responded by sitting deeper than I am usually used to seeing them. This is unlike the Liverpool I know, who are usually quick to charge down lose balls in the middle of the park. Without the commanding presence of Jamie Carragher, and Steven Gerrard in the midfield, the team seemed to lack a defensive leader.The same side that won against West Brom last week, looked half the team that marched out on Saturday.

A possible game dictating situation fizzled away as fast as it came about, when Andy Carroll rocketed a quasi- sitter off the bar from 6-yards. The missed chance from a low teasing cross from the Liverpool left, paved the way for the nail bitting, "almost", type of game it would conclude to be. Carroll was removed in the 75th minute, responding by walking strait down the tunnel in frustration for his failure to put his team ahead.

Liverpool ran the show in the early minutes but as the game rhode on, the midfield of Jordan Henderson, Charlie Adam and Lucas got out played. Charlie Adam is proving hit or miss in games, either brilliant in his distribution or invisible in the center of the park. Lucas is as solid as the rock of Gibraltar, improving immensely from his first couple seasons at the club, but in this game lost his way a-bit. Henderson I though was a tad disappointing, looking slightly unfit. Meandering into 50/50's made it hard for him to keep possession in the midfield, and his passing radar seemed to be jammed. So bringing him off at halftime, for Dirk Kuyt  was a no-brainer for Dalgleish. I have heard cries for the return of Maxi Rodriguez to the starting line-up. Is he the answer? I'am not sure, as he also can be an all or nothing player, but I think it's about time he got a shot. I also look at the work that Joe Cole is doing at Lille in League 1, and wonder if we could  benefit from his services now that Gerrard's injury seems to be more involved than was first thought. 

Liverpool looked the most dangerous on the wings, with much joy came for Liverpool down their left with Downing and the ever- impressive Jose Enrique ripping the back line of Swansea to shreds. With some of their newest signings in question against Swans, Enrique once again proves to be a class act and his ability to hold on to the ball is something to behold.

Swansea tested Reina a few times, and both sides looked as though they could make the break through, but both men in goal performed heroics to keep the game level. Swansea keeper Michel Vorm ripped a page out of John Ruddys textbook on how to keep a clean sheet against  Liverpool, denying some gilt-edged chances towards the games climax.  All in all their was a  fair amount of shots on goal, Liverpool registering 25, doubleding Swansea's 12, yet the Reds had only 2 more than the Swans when it came to shots on target. It's becoming clear to see that Luis Suarez will create more chances than a forward could wish for, but when it comes to finishing he less clinical. He's like a kid in a candy shop when running at defensives but when it comes to buying a lollipop, he lacks the maturity.
This draw makes it eight consecutive games undefeated for Dalgleish's Liverpool, but what I see is four dropped points against  two newly promoted sides. Hardly the results that the Liverpool faithful are looking for in a year that a coveted top four position is fathomable. 
In other news this week, Liverpool Football Club have confirmed the signing of Marc Pelosi a U17 United States International. The midfielder was captain of the United States U17 team who participated in this year’s FIFA World Cup tournament in Mexico. signed from the DeAnza Force Club in California, the player Pelosi has featured 28 times for the U17s against other national sides, scoring eight goals.
Liverpool's Academy director Frank McParland said: ”We’re determined to identify the best possible talent globally and I’m delighted we’ve been able to to bring Marc in to the club.”
Bringing such a young American talent to a club like Liverpool, you hope that he flourishes in the system, ultimately progressing in to the first team. Which is would be a big step forward for American soccer players. Clint Dempsey performs for his club side Fulham, week in week out, and as an American player abroad should be a role model for players such as the young Pelosi, who has a bright future ahead of him.
In a fortnight from the fore-mentioned draw Liverpool takes on Chelsea at their home of Stamford Bridge. I will preview this in the next edition Liver n'Onions to supplement your Liverpool needs during the International break.

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