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Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Go Diego Go!"

Just like the children's television show, Diego might need some of the viewers guidance in deciding where to go this summer. I speak of the midfield maestro, and Brazil international Diego Ribas da Cunha.  Diego, as he is simply know, is also known to be a genius with a ball at his feet, that of late seems to be true only when the stars are aligned. What I mean by this is he is a bit moody and temperamental, so getting the best out of him can be a struggle. This patron of Joga Bonito was recently hit  with a 6-figure fine by current club Wolfsburg, for leaving the team hotel after being dropped by coach Felix Magath in the previous match.  Even with his baggage, Diego has  been continually linked with a move to the English Premier League with Tottenham, Liverpool and Aston villa all playing suitors to the blacklisted Brazilian. He is wanted out at Wolfsburg with a selling price of 10 million euros, which If I may is a bargain for such a silky player. His touch is that of velvet, and he can hit a free-kick with the accuracyof a sniper, such attributes have seen him called up to Brazil's senior squad 33 times.
He moved to Juventus from Werder Bremen in the 2009-2010 season and was constantly rated as an 8/10 in the Gazzetta Dello Sport and other publications around Italy. I remember being in Italy at the time and constantly seeing his name highlighted in gold. His star faded a bit towards the end of his tenure at the Turin club, to which he was sold to Wolfsburg.  Now in search of a new club, after his falling out with coach Magath, known in some circles as "Saddam." With an abundance of clubs wanting to procure his signature I ask the question?…where would he fit?
  At Liverpool, he might  fulfill the role that Joe Cole was supposed to, and come to think of it Joe is really a poor mans Diego. He serves most of the same purposes but to a lesser extent. With Cole possibly on the move Diego could slot right in, but not with-out competition from newly acquired Charlie Adam, Alberto Aquilani  returning to Anfield from Italy, tail-between the legs, and a fit Gerrard. 
He could work at Tottenham…maybe?? As a secondary striker, a real number 10 behind….whoever is leading the line for Tottenham come next year. Unfortunately he has stiff competition with one Raphael VanderVaart, who occupies the same role. So bench time maybe in his future if he moves to N.London. Diego could also serve as a replacement for Luka Modric if he is lured away by Chelsea.
Aston villa on the other hand would be the best destination for Diego the player. May not be as glamorous as the fore-mentioned clubs but he would have an abundance of playing time, which would keep him happy and lighten the load on Stiliyan Petrovs' knees. With the loss of Ashley Young to Manchester United, they are in need of a set-piece specialist. Furthermore if Liverpool can pry Downing away that's one less star on their books, so a player of Diego stature would quell the anguish.
All I can say is that what ever club the high flying midfielder lands this summer, he will sure have defenses saying….Ay dios mio!

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