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Friday, February 3, 2012

Oh John.

The swirling tornado of a news story that has consumed all footballing media outlets in the last few days is that John Terry has once again been stripped of his England Captaincy.  This follows the allegations of racial abuse directed towards QPR's Anton Ferdinand.

The captain of England's National team cannot be seen as a racist whether he innocent or guilty, a decision that will not be decided for some 9 months following his trial. Furthermore is Terry will not be eligible to captain England come this summer European Championships in Poland and Ukraine. It's really funny how England always seem to but themselves in it right before a tournament though there still is some time.

Possible replacement Rio Ferdinand, the brother of  the "abused, " Anton has come out to day via twitter  saying he will not enter the running for the England captaincy. If Rio where to take this mantle,  I would be dumbfounded, not to mention astounded if conspiracy theories don't start to fly.

Expanding on the racism theme Luis Suarez will be available for Liverpool's clash with Tottenham on Monday.

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