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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Milanese Massacre: Arsenal 0-4 AC Milan CL

Well that's all folks- in terms of Arsenals' CL European adventure as their first leg tie against AC Milan ended  4-0 in favor of the Italians. Arsenal has long been known as the kids of Arsenal, with manager Arsene Wenger having a knack for seeking out young talent from around Europe. The team that played yesterday were not kids, but they sure played like them. Against the likes of Ibrahimovic, Kevin Prince-Boateng and Thiago Silva, Arsenal looked toothless. Good possession once again led to nothing,  Laurent Koscielny came off with an injury in the first half, Van Persie managed 1 or 2 shots max, Tomas Rosicky once again rocketed every shot into row Z, and keeper Szechney couldn't clear his lines to save his life.

Mark van Bommel in the center of midfield for Milan seemed to have time to take a smoke break in the and Abbiati was tested in goal, not by shots but by his ability to stay awake. Ex-Tottenham player Kevin Prince-Boateng opened the scoring with a one time, cross body volley that  went in off the under side of the bar. Robinho notched two goals, one created by a slip from Vermaelen and the other was crafted from a cut back after Ibrahimovic's daring run to the by-line.  Ibrahimovic added to the score sheet with a penalty won by a deft cross body drag in the box.

Arsenal looked as bad as I have seen them, and the look of despair on Wenger's face as he mashed his hands deeper into his coat pockets was almost comical as it's becoming a regular occurrence due to Arsenals form. I swear I'am going to make a montage of his fits from the sideline, and watch it when I'am having a bad day.

Arsenal is struggling in the league, and now that they're are certainly out of the Champions League, one must look beyond bringing Thierry Henry back to salvage the clubs reputation.

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