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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Liver n' Onions: Andy Carroll, better with us than against us

With reports still somewhat swirling around the possible departure of Andy Carroll from Liverpool, I have been forced to ponder the fallout that would occur if actually leaves. Liverpool's manager Brendan Rodgers has made it  crystal that Carroll does not fit into his system, and that he is willing to ship the big lad out by any means necessary. Ok fair enough he dosen't fit into the style of play your trying to cultivate, yet here is the problem that occurs if you dump him. 

This is the same problem that occurred when Fernando Torres was firing for Liverpool, that is with Carroll gone Liverpools attack will be resting solely on the shoulders of Luis Suarez. What happens if god forbid he gets hurt?...Or more likely suspended. What happens then?  Looking at Liverpool's roster the lack of experienced or semi-experienced strikers is astounding. The newly acquired Fabio Borini is by nature a striker but I have my doubts on his ability to lead a line, when I have watched him he looks more suited to play off of a number 9 type. After that their is nothing that Liverpool could feel confidant putting out against the Premier League's elite. Carroll may not be first choice but what is the harm of having backup. Looking currently at Liverpool's squad I foresee the starting XI looking something like this:

4-1-3-2 or 4-4-2

Johnson  Skrtel   Agger  Enrique


   Downing  Gerrard     Cole 

  Borini  Suarez 

A fluid forward line full of movement and interchanging of postions, which is not conducive to hitting Carroll's strong points. If that's not working Carroll is plan B. If new signings such as Clint Dempsey or Gaston Ramirez enter the fray, this shall change, but keeping Andy Carroll at the club can only help not hinder. I would also say that I'd rather have him with us than against us. 

Recollecting on the days of old, back when Torres walked Merseyside I remember the issue the team had in his absence relying on David N'gog for goals due to a lack of recognized strikers on the books. I don't want to see this happen again. 

Keep Carroll and get rid of the chaff i.e. Charlie Adam.

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