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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

AVB Squats His Way Into North London

Two days after the completion of the European Championships, one of, if not the most interesting signing of this summers transfer window has been completed. Tottenham Hotspur has signed Andre Villas-Boas on a 3-year contract, appointing him as head coach for the upcoming season. After his successes with Portuguese club side Porto where he won four trophies including being the youngest manager to ever to win the Champions League, he announced to the world that he was ready for a big job. His managerial nonce earned him a shot with Chelsea, where fallouts out with players' ultimately earned him a ticket out of west London.

Their is no doubt that AVB deserved a shot at the big time, with a big club, but the situation that transpired at Chelsea spoke ill on his ability to manage a group of egos. All football players have egos, no doubt, but comparatively the egos at Porto are to a lesser extent than the collection of superstars plying their trade at Chelsea.  I'am extremely delighted, yet slightly skeptical of AVB's appointment at Tottenham. Giving the young Portuguese manager another shot at the big time is warranted. After his departure from Chelsea, the team went on to defeat Bayern Munich to win the Champions League with his assistant Roberto Di Matteo at the controls. That said how much of that success, and foundation of success can be attributed to the work of AVB? I would say a lot. The key to AVB's success at Tottenham is recapturing the team spirt and camaraderie that his Porto side had, which is not all dissimilar to the spirt that former Spurs boss Harry Redknapp captured last season.

Also newly announced this week was that come July 12th Tottenham will release their new kit this season, manufactured buy Under Armour. I have never been a fan of the work the company has done within football, but Liverpool's fantastic new kit made by Warrior, anything is possible.

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