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Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Threads For You To Ogle

Here at the Spot Kick Journal I will bring you the newest in football fashion from teams around the globe and will continue to do so as new strips emerge over the summer. Kits add to the beautiful aesthetic associated with the beautiful game,  and I am always excited to see the new kits that emerge ahead the up coming year. The Google's definition of ogle is: to stare in a lecherous manner, and I did just that.

Stay tuned for more...

USA Home Kit
The new USA home kit combines heritage and patriotism in a bold new design that both the Men’s and Women’s teams will debut on the pitch this summer. The jersey utilizes the colors of the American flag with a blue crew neck collar and a body featuring red and white stripes.

I love this kit, represents the American spirt so much more than flat white home strip of yester-years.The proud nation that the USA is, we should certainly have a kit that boasts, and this one does.

AC Milan Home Kit

“We are a team of devils. Our colours are red as fire, and black, to invoke fear in our opponents”.

“Mia san mia” (meaning ‘We are who we are’) is embroidered in the collar.

New Chelsea Home Kit

Ahh pretty standard, nothing really special about this one. At least it doesn't magnify the Adidas stripes like this years did.

Perhaps my favorite of the lot, this classy almost pin striped kit is subtly yet flashy.

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